Monday, March 10, 2008

Work is Frustrating

Can I just say how frustrated I am right now?  All last week I was covering for a co-worker.  Then on Friday, I had to cover for 2 co-workers.  Then today, I am again covering for 2 co-workers.  This, besides my own job which is hectic and busy because I deal with IRAs and it is high IRA/Tax season right now.  In addition to all of this, my boss is one who is not afraid to delegate.  SO much so that when you bring her an issue, instead of handling it like my former managers would, she just tells me to figure it out and handle it.  EXCEPT that last Friday I never received something I should have received from one of our insurance companies.  This morning I came to work to find my email in-box full of emails from her asking where this thing was and why it wasn’t escalated to her.  Sure.  Because when I try and escalate things to her, she just puts them back on me.  Nice.  I think part of it is she still doesn’t know how to do parts of her job since she came in blind.  I think part of it is that she just doesn’t want to do parts of her job and it’s easier to just put it on us.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The weekend was OK.  Friday was payday and the check is already gone.  That part of the weekend was sucky.  I did manage to find a place for us to vacation this summer though.  Did I tell you that we had to cancel the cruise?  With all of Bob’s health issues and the question about his heart/pulmonary/breathing problems made us nervous about traveling so far for so long.  However, we didn’t want to give up on a vacation altogether.  I have a friend getting married in Milwaukee in July.  By chance I have the week after her wedding off so Bob and I decided to make her wedding part of our vacation. We will leave here the Friday before the wedding and stay in Milwaukee.  On Sunday, after the wedding, we will be boarding the high-speed fairy that crosses Lake Michigan and then we will drive to a small resort on a lake not far from the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  I found the place by Googling “Handicapped Accessible Resorts on Lake Michigan”.  I called the number and left a message.  Not long after a sweet little old lady named Esther called me back.  She was SO cute!  Her husband’s name is Bob and he too is in a wheelchair.  I told her our Bob’s could terrorize the neighborhood the week we visit.  Anyway, while talking with her, I found that their resort is not on Lake Michigan but is not far from there.  They have high speed wireless internet!  They have fire pits for an evening bonfire.  They have rowboats, canoes, and kayaks.  They will be receiving our deposit in the next couple of weeks and we will be eagerly looking forward to our trip in July.

Friday night Bob and I met my dad and Grandma at Perkins for dinner.  (My dad was visiting for the weekend to help his mom with some stuff.)  While sitting eating, we heard a tremendous crash and looked out the window to see a car careening near building.  My dad ran out to see what happened and it appeared that a little old man had possibly hit the gas rather than the brake and his car drove over a boulder, through the bushes and sidewalk, and came down onto the road but didn’t stop.  However, I am sure he didn’t get far because due to driving over a boulder he had at least one flat tire and was leaking antifreeze.  The manager got his plate and the cops stopped by later for info.  This certainly made for an interesting dinner.

Saturday was errand running extraordinaire.  It started with a stop at the bank.  After that was the Laundromat.  Once I’d stuffed the washers full it was on to the pharmacy.  Then back to the Laundromat to move the clothes to the dryers.  Then it was off to Sam’s Club to pick up kitty litter and some veggies.  While there, I picked up a 12-pack of yogurt and was stopped by a woman conducting surveys.  I answered her questions and received a $15 gift card for my trouble.   I picked up a treat for Bob because I now had an extra $15 to spend.  After Sam’s it was back to the Laundromat to fold everything.  Then it was off to Petsmart for cat food, Aldi for people food, and finally a car wash for Bob’s van because it looked white instead of the red it is.  Once home I put away the laundry and groceries and then cleaned.  Around 5, I put dinner in the oven and by 7, I was finally able to just sit on the couch and read.  Whew!

Sunday began interestingly.  Bob and I were supposed to meet my dad for church.  However, Bob woke up sick to his stomach so it was just me.  I called dad to arrange the meeting place.  He said he would see me in 5 minutes.  I laughed and said it would be more like an hour since it was only 9:30.  Dad laughed and said we must have forgotten to set our clocks ahead.  D’oh!  He was right.  Thankfully I was dressed and able to just go right then.

Church was interesting.  I’m still not sure it’s the church for us.  People weren’t dressed quite as fancy as the last time we went.  I think they were dressed so well because of the guest speaker because this week I saw many more people dressed in jeans and sweaters.  The service was still highly slick and well produced.  The pastor preached and his sermon was OK but…some things he said didn’t sit well with me.  I’m not sure if it’s because of him and what he said or because of me and what I believe.  Bob said we should visit at least 2 more times to get a good feel for this place and I agree.  I know they do a lot of good in the community but I’m still not sure it’s the place for us.

The rest of Sunday was spent trying to catch up to the time change. I felt like the day just got away from me and I didn’t really enjoy myself at all.  I hate the time change.  I got to bed too late, slept crappy, and woke up feeling like I need more sleep.  Also, I’ve been battling a headache for the past 4 days and am feeling a tad run down.  I just wish something would change so I could feel more up and light and hopeful.  Right now I don’t see that happening.


black and white and read all over said...

The Lake Cabins sound like fun. Look forward to those and things will perk up a bit. ((HUG))

Yvonne said...

I hope Bob is feeling much better.

The vacation sounds very nice.

Ahuva Batya said...

I hope the sun today helped with your mood, but no wonder you are feeling run-down with all you have on your shoulders. The vacation cabins will be nice to look forward to!