Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I got the results of all my labs in the mail yesterday. My iron, vitamin D, glucose, thyroid, and other levels are fine. My cholesterol is slightly elevated. My pap came back irregular so they did a DNA test to see if I had HPV, cervical cancer, or some other issue but that came back negative. My doctor said that she's not worried about the abnormal pap but that I should keep annual appointments just to be sure. Ooookaaaay.

Well, I finally picked up the phone and called a Resolve member. Resolve in an infertility...well, everything. They offer support groups, information and speaking services, lobbiests, marches, etc. The local Resolve website also listed a faith-based group in my area. I called one of the numbers listed and spoke to a very nice woman named Marianne. We spoke for about a half an hour and when I hung up, I felt infinitely better. Their next meeting isn't until the end of next month but Marianne said I could call her any time if I needed to talk or had any questions. Like me, she's in her 40's and never had children of her own. Her first marriage ended in divorce and she's since remarried and is a step-mother. I really can't wait to meet her.

I still haven't heard about the job I interviewed for over a week ago. It's driving me crazy but there is nothing I can do until they tell me I have the job or I don't. Oh, but I hope I have it.

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Robin said...

Amy...I sincerely hope that this group helps you find peace in your situation. I pray for you often and have since way back when we were both subscribed to "Women in Faith". Keep seeking and looking to God for that peace and you'll find it.