Friday, March 14, 2008

More doctor news.

Bob was actually home before 9am this morning.  I guess the sleep study went OK.  He said the room and bed were comfy but he was cold most of the night.  He said he told them he was cold twice and they supposedly adjusted the thermostat both times but he was still cold and didn’t sleep very well because of that.  They also had to stick his artery a couple of times to take his blood gas levels which he says was NOT fun.  However, they must have gotten all the information they needed because they sent him home much earlier than we expected.

We haven’t heard back from the scheduler on when they want him to come in for the heart/catheter thing.  I am hoping it is sooner than later but Bob does NOT want it scheduled for Monday because the Irish in him wants to celebrate sure and begorah.

TMI Alert!     TMI Alert!    TMI Alert!    TMI Alert!     TMI Alert!    TMI Alert!     TMI Alert!  

My doctor called and said that I do have a yeast infection.  This was a surprise to me because I do not have the typical symptoms.  She said it is not unusual to be asymptomatic.  Then she told me that eating yogurt with live/active cultures often helps.  I said I’d been eating yogurt (remember my trip to Sam’s?) and she said that is probably why I’m asymptomatic.  She called in a prescription for me so that’s one more stop at Walgreen’s this week.  That makes RX # 4 for me since Tuesday.

I called my eye doctor’s office to get an ETA on my new glasses.  The receptionist called the lab and they said their lens machine id broken and they are waiting on a part that was supposed to be in today but didn’t show up.  They said that they should have the glasses to her by Wednesday next week if possible.  Great.  Can’t they contract with another lab to get their order fulfilled more speedily?  You would think so.  So I must contend with a low-grade persistent headache for another 5 days before I will know for sure if it’s eyesight related.

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