Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bob's Diagnosis

My RE (reproductive endocrinologist)s office called with the results of Bobs semen analysis.  They want to see at least 20 million in the supplied sample.  Bob had 181 million.  The want 50% or more to be moving.  Bob had 45%, a little on the low side.  They want at least 30% to look normal (heads and tails intact etc).  Bob had 32%. So other than the low movers, Bob looks good right?  Wrong.  They found white blood cells in his sample.  I dont know how many they found, but they referred Bob to a urologist for further tests.  Of course I Googled white blood cells in semen and everything that comes up talks of male infertility and something called Leukocytospermia which is typically the result of a genital tract infection.  The nurse made it sound like something men over 40 are prone to.  Dr. Google made it sound like something promiscuous men contract as a result of an STD.  Who to believe?  I guess we will get Bob into the urologists office and see what they can come up with. The earliest appointment they had was May 16th, so we have to wait until then.  I still have to schedule my HSG (tubal dye studyor what I call the uterine dye test) and have to wait until my next Princess Lady time to schedule it.

The nurse did say that based on the results of the tests that have come back, my doctor already recommends that I go on a low dose of Clomid and that we inseminate.  I know I said in the past that I didnt want to take drugs or go the insemination or IVF route and that if it came to that, we would count on adoption to build our family.  What I didnt count on is how strongly I want to be pregnant.  I really want to experience a baby growing inside of me and delivering said baby.  It is such a deep longing and yearning and I wasnt prepared for that.  I still want to build a family through adoption but not exclusively.  To me, a child is a child is a child.  I wasnt prepared to feel so strongly about experiencing pregnancy and delivery first hand. 


Heather said...

I think you should totally go with what your heart tells you. Our hearts are telling us to go with adoption, there is nothing holding me to pregnancy, but if I felt as strongly about pregnancy as I do about this, I would keep down the infertility path. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Rebecca in MO. said...

I would seek God and what He would have me do. Stepping out before Him could have repercussions.
This is a tough one, so I will pray that you make the right decision.