Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tax Time is Taxing Me

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I had it coming and going at work today. Why is it when you're given a deadline the only thing I can count on from my coworkers is more work and more interruptions. Today was high stress and we haven't hit the high tax day time yet. Plus I have bankers calling me all the time wondering why they haven't received credit for the annuity they sold. Stop calling me and let me work, would'ja? Sheesh!

Bob is still whining about having to give his sample yesterday. I am grateful he did it, but I haven't been very sympathetic. I told him my tests are far more invasive and possibly painful. He said he felt for sure that everyone was smirking at him when he came out. I assured him that wasn't the case and even if they did know what he was doing in the bathroom, it wasn't like he was visiting a library or nursery school. He was at a sperm bank/reproductive lab for heaven's sake. I did manage to show him how very grateful I am and apologized for being so cold, but I still say his job was the easiest. Sheesh. Men are babies.

Oh, a friend emailed to ask about the boudior photos and what would happen if they did fall into enemy hands. First of all I doubt that will happen since Bob hid them in the deepest darkest recesses of...even I don't know. But if they did get out, I would be embarassed, but not mortified. While I was nude, I wasn't showing any naughty bits. My arms were covering my chest and my legs were crossed. I am of the firm belief that what you can't see can be sexier than showing everything off. So, if they fell into enemy hands, it would be embarassing for sure but not the end of the world. Mostly because I don't really like my body and am embarassed by the bumps and lumps. But Bob likes it, so hence the photos.

Speaking of friends...Hey Jen G! Do you still read this? Do you get the USF Cross Section school magazine? This month they focus on international adoption and we know everyone they profile! The Brenner family, Cindy Cummins, Steve Williams and his wife, and even Kirby and Nancy and Beth Jernberg have adopted! It was an awesome section and makes me want to contact them and pick their brains on the costs, highs, and lows. I can photocopy it for ya if you are interested.

Speaking of friends again...what is the story with people in Minnesota? It seems like everyone who grew up here still has all their friends from grade school. It makes it hard to make new friends as an outsider because everyone already has all the friends they need. It makes me miss all the friends I had in grade school in South St. Paul. I wish I knew what happened to Julie, Susan, Jeffrey, and Paul. Not to mention the neighbor girls from across the street, Barb, Jill, Kathy, and Jenny.

Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day at work. Not as difficult as Monday and Tuesday, but still...We were getting 25+ faxes an hour during the afternoon. Should be interesting to say the least. My boss told me to get there early, expect to take a half hour lunch and work late. Are they bringing in lunch? Nope. A little lunch would be nice, but oh well. It's to be expected. Actually as much as I want to complain, I really shouldn't. We are no where near as busy as we were last year and last year was slower than the year before. This time last year I'd already logged about 60 hours in over time. This year? None so far. So really, I think it's going to be OK. Just wake me when it's May.


Anonymous said...

Photos...can be dangerous even if you don't think so. You should never do something that you wouldn't want posted on your office bulletin board. As for posting names online....don't think that's a good idea neither and real places. Identity theft is rampant and you'd be surprised......I'm not being naive but maybe you are.

Jen G. said...

Hey! Yes, I am still here! I would like to read that article. I would sure love for all of us to get together again...we need to plan something!