Monday, April 17, 2006

Cold Weather Coming

A Beautiful Bud
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So by all accounts the weather here is not supposed to stay as beautiful as it's been. Good thing I didn't buy all the gardening stuff I was salivating over this weekend. The front bringing the snow over the plains is only going to bring us rain, but it's going to feel like so much winter after this lovely spring. Bob and I went for a walk tonight and leaves, flowers, buds, and blossoms are busting out all over. I am loving it.

Today wasn't so bad at work. By all accounts, tomorrow is going to be hellacious though. It looks like I will be working late tomorrow. I like the overtime and miss the 80-90 hours I had in overtime by this time last year. I am so looking forward to the tax time rush being over.

Hey, what's the deal with Subway's replaying of their late 80's commercial with the Square Pegs-like chicks? Did Jared die? Why the recycled material? It's not even that great of a commercial. I hated it then and it hasn't matured well with age at all.

Wednesday night I start a new class. I am taking the class that I withdrew from last month. It means I will be doubled up for a while, but it also means I can graduate on time with the rest of my class. Another classmate from my cohort is also taking that class so I won't be going it alone and that makes all the difference.

I hope Bob and I can manage to move out of our apartment into a house this October. The element they have allowed to move in here over the winter is really kind of creeping me out. There is a large group of guys standing outside our apartment in the parking lot right now. They are just standing there being loud and obnoxious. Maybe this happened before and we just didn't know it because our apartment was farther away, but I don't think so.

In my last post I didn't mean to imply that all bratty kids are the product of bratty parents. I guess I was painting with a broad brush. We live in kind of a hoity area and we often see made up moms acting hoity towards those they might view as "the help" and I guess I just projected that attitude on this young girl. It's possible that she comes from a lovely family and is just a bratty kid. I was just amazed that someone so young could be so incredebly self absorbed and bratty. I hope she has to work in some kind of customer service job some day. Of course YOUR kids are beautiful, talented, amazing, kind, and generous.

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