Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

My class last night was awesome!  Another classmate from my cohort is joining me in making up this class, so I didnt feel so weird and lonely.  I did have a lovely surprise in that a former student from the youth group I used to lead was also in the class.  I didnt recognize him at first since its been seven or eight years since I last saw him.  It does my heart good to see these students years later and see that they are such good people, upstanding adults, and have hearts for God.  He is finishing his degree in psychology because he wants to be a marriage and family counselor.  My parents knew/know his parents and I knew him before he was in the youth group.  He was kind of a squirrelly kid but has grown into a fine young man.

Today we had a staff meeting because my bosss bosss boss was in town to cheer the troops.  I stopped listening after the 7th corporate speak word.  I also started taking notes but only writing down each corporate buzz word as it was uttered by the half-dozen or so managers present.  The following were mentioned several times.  I wish I had but tick marks next to each one as well. 1.) Profitability, 2.) Skills set, 3.) Market share, 4.) Strategy,  5.) Recognition, 6.) Management recognizes this, 7.) Product set, 8.) Model, 9.) Corporate model, 10.) Primary Functions, 11.) Structure, 12.) Art of Possible.  There was more but thats all I could stomach.  Bah!

There is a new guy at work that is a little annoying.  Someone filled our 3 coffee pots with warm soapy water and it appeared they were soaking them because of all the yucky coffee crud on the bottom of each pot.  This guy complained that he couldnt make coffee because of this.  More than one of us told him he was more than welcome to dump the water and clean out the pots and make his coffee since we didnt have anyone assigned to make and/or care for the coffee.  He said he would just do without and wait until someone else washed them out.  He added that he isnt the office gopher/coffee maker.  Puh.  I bet hes waiting for one of the women to do it.

Its been raining/hailing on and off all day.  It was colder than it has been and now its grey and dreary and at least we are getting the rain we need.

Last night I tried to call a friend of mine on my cell phone.  First I tried her at home and a young girl answered.  I asked for my friend and she said, who?  I repeated myself and she said no one was there by that name.  Mind you the number is programmed into my cell phone and Ive called her lots of times before.  I tried her on her cell and some guy named Mark answered and said he did not know anyone named Deb and this had been his cell number for quite a while.  Same thing.  The number has been programmed in our cell for a good long time.  How does this happen?  I emailed her this morning at work and she said she hadnt changed any of her numbers.  I will have to reprogram them.  Weird.

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Rosie said...

I've dialed my parents number from my cell phone and sometimes I get a fax machine. My parents don't own a fax machine. It's the strangest thing. I wait a few minutes and try again and it goes through. Who knows why this happens!