Monday, April 03, 2006

Amys Tattoo

Amys Tattoo
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I am home sick today. I actually went to work at 7, but felt too crappy to stay, so I finished what I could and came home. Not sure what it is, but I feel freezing cold, queasy, and light headed. Better to spend the day blogging in bed than at work with my head on my desk all day.

The photo above is from the MDA Black and Blue Ball Saturday night. It's a temporary tatoo but Bob thinks it's sexy, so I might consider getting a real one some day. Maybe for my fortieth birthday. Geez, that sounds old.

This weekend was good. We sold the truck Friday night and had big euphoria about that. I talked on the phone to my dad and nephews for a bit as well. Friday nights tend to be pretty low key for us and this one was no exception.

I was looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday but it must not have been in the cards. I woke up at 6:30 and could not get back to sleep. So I got up and balanced the checkbook and paid a bunch of bills. Woot! Then I ran a bunch of errands. It was supposed to be the day we gathered Bob's sample, but he wasn't feeling good, so I let him sleep while I went out and about.

I went to the bank and deposited the money we got for the truck. I went to the post office and picked up a roll of stamps and mailed some more thank you cards to people who donated to the van fund. I stopped by a local salon and made an appointment for later to have my brows waxed and hair cut. I stopped at Goodwill and dropped off a bag of clothes. Man, was that line long! Everyone must be doing their spring cleaning and getting rid of everything. After that I had some lunch and bought some new hair color. I wanted to color my hair before my appointment and boy, am I glad I did!

I hate getting my hair cut. Actually, I like the act of getting my hair cut but since I moved here, I have not been able to find anyone I like and trust to cut my hair. The last gal to cut it made fun of my self colored hair. I just can't afford to have it professionally done every 6-8 weeks so I do it myself. This new gal actually complimented me on the color and said it was a good one for me. She kept saying that throughout the appointment. Another thing I hate about getting my hair cut is the small talk. I am trusting this person to cut my hair and yet I don't know them. If they don't talk to me, am I supposed to talk to them? This gal was pretty good. She asked me questions like, "Are you married?", "How did you meet your husband?", and "Do you have kids?". So that was OK. I asked her the same and we did OK. Part of the problem was that she is obviously from another country and English is her second language so at times there was a language barrier, which made some conversations awkward. But over all I think she did a great job and I would not be adverse to seeing her again.

After the hair and brow beautifying, I bought Bob some lunch and headed for home. While he ate, I went about beautifying myself some more for the Black and Blue Ball.

The Black and Blue Ball is one of MDA's biggest fundraisers. It's in conjunction with Harley Davidson so you get a nice mix of bikers and bankers. The bikers wear black leather and blue jeans and the bankers wear suits and ties and such. The biker babes wear leather and the banker babes wear ball gowns or fancy dresses. There is a silent auction, a live auction, and fun stations throughout that accept donations for services. That's how I ended up with a temporary tattoo. We had a great time, as we always do at MDA events.

The event started at 6 and we were there around that time. The first 2 hours were kind of a happy hour/mingling/silent auction bidding time with a cash bar and free martinis. I'd never had a martini so I thought I would try one. They had cosmos and appletinis so I chose a cosmo. It was OK, but I had an empty stomach and felt the effects pretty quickly. I had to sit down for about 30 minutes and let the booze wear off. I laughingly joked with an MDA worker about how they had planned the event to get everyone drunk before dinner so the bidding went higher.

Dinner was good. They served a nice white fish and beef tips with a sweet potato cake. Dessert was creme brulee and it was my first ever. I have to say, yum! I had an appletini after dinner and liked it better than the cosmo. I did better booze-wise too.

The live auction went fast and then they brought out the band. Bob and I shook our booties on the dance floor for the first time since he was put in the wheelchair. At first he was afraid and wouldn't dance, but the music proved too much for him and soon he was out there jamming on the one. During the slow dances, I sat on his lap as he rolled around and it was better than when he danced on two legs.

Overall it was great evening and we had a blast. I can't wait until next year.

Sunday was low key. We had church in the morning, went out to lunch with friends after, and then home for a nap. Pretty much that was our day.

Bob is doing better regarding his decision to not have Honor come home. He really feels like it's the right thing to do because he can't take having her taken from him again. He has a consultation this morning for surgery. He has a hernia and it needs to be fixed. Hopefully they can get him in soon as it's been giving him some problems.

I have my third day blood draw on Wednesday and need to make an appointment for the uterine dye test for sometime next week. We will try and get Bob to give his sample this Saturday.

Right now I feel a nap calling me. Hopefully I will feel less queasy after I sleep.


Gael said...

Heh, "jamming on the one." I love that "Cosby Show" episode and need to work that phrase into my own vocabulary more...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like alot of good stuff is happening! Good news regarding the sale of the truck etc.
I can agree with you regarding the small talk in the chair. I hate that too...especially with strangers as you say. I think it's tacky for them to comment negatively on past color or cuts or whatever. Not cool! Hope you can find a hair-person you like in all ways.
The "tat" is pretty but consider about 40years (or more) and think of being 'old' and having a saggy, droopy tattoo. Not attractive and sexy then. But to each her own!
(temporary is better though)

Kathy said...

40 - old? Make sure to remind me, next time I see you, that I owe you a pinch!!!!! If you really want to know where to get your hair done, I'm the gal to ask. I know THE best hairdo'er in the Twin Cities. And she works at the nicest shop I've ever been to, and honey, I've been to alot of Twin Cities hairdo'eries.

I love the tattoo and your hair looks like a gorgeous red - is it?

Anonymous said...

40 is the "new" 30...or maybe 25! Anyway 40 "in NOT" old!!! You are what you make it and would you want to go back to being in your 20's? I know I wouldn't! You can stay young by thinking young!
Hope you're feeling better....

Dawn from PA said...

Hee-- for a minute there I thought you went out and got a tattoo when I first saw the picture before reading the entry. You should seriously look into getting one. :-) I have 3 and I love them! The hair color looks great on you. :-)

Rosie said...

Just a note to say that you look great!