Friday, April 07, 2006

An Update...Finally!

So where was I?

I stayed home from work on Tuesday.  Still felt yucky and truthfully I think it was princess time related.  This brings me back to my high school days where I would miss a day or two every month because of my stinking period.  I was better by Wednesday and have been even better every day since.  I hate using that as an excuse to miss work/school.  Just because Im a girl.  Bah!  I should be tougher than that and yetnot so much.

I did get in to the REs (reproductive endocrinologist) office to give my day three blood.  No big deal.  I was in and out in less than 5 minutes.  I got my results today, not that they mean a lot to me right now.  I need to talk with Dr. Google to really see what they mean, I think.  My thyroid level was a 2.08, my Prosomething was 5.3, my FSH which is the follicle stimulating hormone was 9.5, and my EST…something was 50.  The nurse said they were all in the normal range but she didnt quantify/qualify high or low normals.  I do know that a low FSH level is good and I think I read somewhere that it should be near 7 for optimum results.  Bobs appointment with the analyst is Wednesday at 2.  Hopefully, he will make this appointmentI can only hope and pray.  I was supposed to call and schedule the uterine dye test for right after my princess time, but I cant take any more time off this month, especially with tax time just a week away.  So, I will have to wait until after princess time next month for that one.

I also met with my counselor for the first time.  It was nice, but the first time usually is.  Mostly I just filled out forms and answered questions and scheduled an appointment for next week.  She seems very kind and gentle and has a philosophy that I steer my own therapy and she will help.  Sounds good to me.  Of course, the day before my appointment I felt so good that I wanted to cancel.  That always happens to me.  I didnt, and I will continue to go for a while.  Sometimes it just helps to have someone listen me.

Tonight and tomorrow night I will be at a womans conference at my church.  I was looking forward to itlast week.  Today, not so much.  I hope its not too emotional.   I will judge the whole thing by tonight and if its not good, I wont end up going tomorrow.  I do look forward to seeing some of my church friends and getting some face time with them during the breaks.  Its one of my friends birthdays today and I got her a little something to celebrate.  Shes had a very difficult year, so I hope this makes her smile.

Bob is still sad over the loss of Honor.  He talked to someone at the service dog office and they told him they retired her and now she is at the farm of her puppy raisers, enjoying all farm life has to offer a dog.  We tend to be kind of skeptical about thatit sounds too much like what parents tell their kids when they put the family dog down.  They did leave the door open for him to have another dog and really wanted him to foster a dog this weekend but he just cant right now.  He DOES need to see his doctor though because since the fall he has been having some vision and memory problems.  I am making an appointment for him for next week.  He found out that he doesnt need hernia surgery right away.  The doctor said surgery is risky for him because of his neuromuscular disorder and medical history, so they are going to have him wait 3 months and then re-evaluate from there.  Poor baby.

Work is getting crazier right now and while things arent as busy as they were last year or the year before, they are picking up.  I miss the overtime I had last year.  That helps pad the paycheck.

So, thats the update.  Oh, and Kathy, I am sorry about the crack about 40 sounding old.  I just meant that it sounded old to be getting a first tattoo.  Speaking of sounding old, while I was at the MDA Black and Blue Ball on Saturday getting my temporary tattoo, I told the chick to put it somewhere that would be fun for my husband to discover.  She laughed and said her mom works at a nursing home and told her a story about a woman who dropped cookies down her blouse and when her mom tried to clean her up, the old woman laughed and said her husband Earl would help her get them out later.  Then the tattoo chick laughed at the crazy old woman and said, I mean, she was OLD!  She had to be at least60!  Wow!  60?  Yeah, that IS old!  Heh.


Anonymous said...

That was then...this is now, so where have you been?

My Sping On Things said...

Hi there you wrote:

"my Pro…something was 5.3, my FSH which is the follicle stimulating hormone was 9.5, and my EST…something was 50"

Your progesterone level was 5.3, your FSH is 9.5, and your E2 (estraodil) was 50. Was this done on day three of your mestrual cycle?

The lower the FSH level the better. FSH tells us about our egg reserve, and the quality of the eggs we have left. As women get older our FSH levels rise. Women who are on the larger side can also have weird FSH levels. The heavier we are, the weirder or hormone levels can be.

Ideally you'd want your FSH level below 7. I have seen women get pregnant with levels of 8. My level started out at 7 and then went to 9 and then went to 10. I did not get pregnant on my own, and we went the donor egg route. My little one is 5.

If you need anymore information about infertility, let me know, been in the field 20 years.