Sunday, April 30, 2006

One More With Kittens...Sorry MOR!

This is me and one of my coworker's kittens. These cute little furry beasts are only 3 weeks old. Isn't it cute? Poor Mom-on-Roof. She is powerless against the power of a kitten.

Today was the March of Dimes Walk America here in the Twin Cities. It has not stopped raining in 2 days. Bob and I get to the walk location and found many, many people with umbrellas, tarps, raincoats, and plastic coverings. There were more people than I was expecting. We had a hard time finding the Big Bank Co group but eventually hooked up with them just as the walk started. We walked as a team until we hit the first pit stop. I always end up losing my walking partners at the first pit stop. This year we lost 2 of our team members but the rest of us kept together. The walk was supposed to be a choice of 5 miles or 8 miles. Because of the rain, they kept it at about 4.5 miles. The walk started at 11 and we were done by 12:30 or 1. Because of the rain, it was wham, bam, thank you ma'am, let's go. No lingering, no loitering, no hanging around.

We got home around 2 and after I stripped off my wet clothes, I took to my bed with the heating pad. My female reproductive system was screaming in pain and all I could do to shut it up was pound 2 extra strength Midol and take a nap. An hour later and I was better. After a bowl of home made bean soup and some crusty bad, I was better.

Over all it was a good day. A good day for a walk (if you were a duck), a good day for a nap, a good day for some warm, home made soup, and a good day to finish some homework. Whee!

Sorry no photos from the walk. It was so wet and rainy and we were so intent on walking and getting through the course that I didn't even think to take the camera out. If it had been a nicer day, the walk would have been beautiful! The course was through the Kenwood, Lake of the Isles neighborhoods. It's pretty hoity toity there and everyone has magnificent yards and gardens and homes. (Oh my!)

This next week is looking to be completely crazy. Monday and Wednesday are my class nights. Tuesday night I have to go to Simply To The Table and make this month's meals. Thursday Jennifer Weiner is speaking at a local bookstore and Friday is free! Whee! And sometime this week I have to call and set up my appointment for the doctors to shoot dye into my female parts. Whee again.

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