Friday, April 28, 2006

Grey Day

So, my princess lady time is 4 days early.  Wasnt expecting it.  Wasnt prepared.  Yet, here she is.  Lovely.  Well, at least now I can call and make an appointment for my uterine dye scan.  Looks like it will be week after nextif theres a spot available.

Bob hurt his back and is going to see the chiropractor tomorrow.  I had to make the appointment because he just lives with the pain.  He is worried about the appointment with the urologist next month.  He says hes been experiencing pain in his abdomen but that might be the hernia.  Poor guy.  Hes really been worried about it but hasnt voiced it much at all.  I hope its nothing.  Hes so worried that he started the no matter what happens speeches. 

Its supposed to rain today through Tuesday.  We need the rain, I just dont like the low temps that go along with the grey skies.

Tomorrow we are running an errand that should make us smile and laugh and bring brightness to an otherwise cloudy time.  More on that in the coming weeks.

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Kathy said...

I can't wait to find out what this secret fun-ness that you and Bob are into!

I don't think anyone can steal my identity because I post other people's names on my blog. They can find out my real identity. Which is pretty darned easy if you figure out that all they have to do is buy some jewelry from me. I don't have a secret diary that I'm hiding from anyone. Well, maybe my mom. Otherwise, about everyone I know in real life reads my diary.