Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Time in Minnesota

Tree Budding
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Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Today started out cool, rainy, and cloudy. But the end of the day was so worth waiting for. It became sunny, warm, and spectacular. Everything a spring day on Easter should be. On the way to church we noticed that all the trees are full of buds and leaves. It is greening up and is just spectacular. The tree in the photo above is just outside our apartment. The birds hang out in it all day long. In the morning they sing from it and the cats love to watch them from the windows and bedroom balcony.

This weekend was wonderful, if busy. Friday was a low key night. I picked up a papa murphy's pizza and we both went to bed early. I had to work on Saturday. Before I got there, I stopped at Caribou for some chai. There were 4 high school girls ahead of me. They all ordered oreo snowdrifts. They got their orders and started for the door. The alpha teen girl took a sip of her drink, stopped, and marched back to the barista who made it. She declared that it had no taste whatsoever and demanded that he remake it and this time he needs to make it stronger. He apologized and asked what the problem was and she repeated that it had no taste and he needed to make it again only this time stonger. She was a total snot about it. She didn't ask nicely and she didn't say please or thank you. She treated the barista as though he were a lower life form than she and acted as though it were his station in life to bow to her whims. He was gracious, kind, apologetic and never once treated her badly. He was so far above her, he could see the part in her hair. I could see that she learned her behavior somewhere...probably from her mom. After I got my chai, I left and the guy in front of me dropped his large coffee on the ground right in front of me. Poor guy.

I only had to work for 3 hours. Me and my boss and 3 others were there as well. We got most of what needed to be done done in 3 hours. We are ready for day.

After work, I ran some errands. I went to Wally world to get some East basket supplies and checked out their garden center. I don't want to plant anything yet because while the weather here has been phenominal, it can easily change. But I saw some things I would like to plant next month. I found some lovely bleeding hearts that would look nice in a pot on our north balcony. I found some lovely geraniums and other sun loving flowering plants that would look nice on our west facing balcony. Finally, I found some great tomato plants that I would like to pot and plant as well. Yay!

After Wally world I picked up some dinner fixings to grill out. I got some brats, a simple pasta salad and some green salad fixings. I also picked up a bottle of beer and some eggs and dyes.

When I got home I cleaned and set up the egg dying stuff. I cleaned the grill and cat boxes. Then I turned on the grill to get it hot for the brats. Bob started dying the eggs and once I thought the grill was hot enough, I went to put the brats on the grill. It was out. I tried lighting it again but no luck. We can't be out of gas. We only used it once last year. I think there may be a leak in the line. I had to grill the brats on our indoor grill and it smoked up our whole house. But dinner was yummy nonetheless. After dinner, I cleaned up and helped Bob dye the rest of the eggs.

Today was church, but before that I made an egg bake for Easter breakfast, put supper in the crockpot, cut Bob's hair, and other sundry chores.

Church was excellent. We couldn't stay after and chat as we had a date with my grandma for lunch. We sceedaddled to meet her. We got to her building and went up to get her. Her apartment is cute. It's smaller than I first thought, but now that she's all settled, it looks great. She has a nice East facing view and it's bright and airy.

We left for lunch at Baker's Square and suprisingly, it wasn't busy at all. Everyone must be at the Easter buffets. We had a nice lunch, with pie, of course. Afterwards we went back to her place where she gave us a tour and then we went back up to her apartment to chat. We ended up leaving around 5 or so.

The rest of the evening was spent in low key ways. Bob wrote an appeal letter to his life insurance company and I chatted on the phone with my folks and some friends. Oh! Also, a house went up for sale down the street from us. It's a rambler and is kind of outside our price range except that it features an apartment in the walkout basement. It could work if we found the right renters at the right price. We would have to see the house from the inside first, though to see if Bob's chair would work. Sometimes older ramblers have really narrow doorways and halls. So, we will see. I think our financing comes back this week. After that we will see what we can afford.

Overall it was a peaceful, productive weekend. It was lovely.


Kathy said...

Oh man! If my kid is a dick out in public, I hope people isn't assuming it's his mother's fault!!! If that's the case, I'm locking up our second child now. He's a mouthy one. I suppose that's my fault...

Anonymous said...

He is risen! That's the hope that's given for this time of year!

As for the rude teenager...I'd hope that she was taught some good manners (instead of the entitlement that she seemed to be exhibiting). Chalk it up to age and that she perhaps was trying to "impress" her companions. But still there is no excuse for that type of behaviour! I think we are seeing more an more of that though~~ie. examples of road rage, impatience in line anywhere. I could go on and on....and that's with adults as well. I "do" think some of it has to be attributed to how people are raised (mothers "and" fathers) but this can open up a whole can of worms for discussion.
Blessings to sound so good these past few entries! :-)