Monday, August 14, 2006

Almost home

So I got a hold of our mortgage guy who crunched the numbers and it looks like this is something we can do. He emailed me some paperwork to fill out and sign. I called the realtor and we are going to look at it with Bob on Wednesday. If he likes it as much as I do, we are going to put in an offer and put down some earnest money. Yikes!

There are a couple of caveats. We have been trying for 3 years to get Bob's student loans dismissed due to complete and total disability. We were successful with one, but the other company continues to drag their feet. Our lender suggested we submit a letter of explanation on that and contact the company again to see what it will take to get this settled. So I called and they are sending ANOTHER application and document list to us. This is the third or fourth one. I am going to fill this stuff out myself and send them every peice of documentation we have, THEN have all of his doctors write a note, THEN have someone at MDA write a note, THEN...well, that should be OK. Oh, I also called the other company and they are sending me written confirmation in the dismissal of Bob's loan with them. I WILL be sending a copy of that with the other documentation so that company B sees that company A is alot smarter than they are.

Also, that earnest money thing? Ummmm. We are earnest but don't have the money. Actually, we WILL have the money within the next week, but it's not clear when. I am getting a check from my college which is just the leftover money after all my financial aid was applied to the total bill. It would be more than enough for earnest money but there is no guaranteeing when it will arrive. Could be Wednesday. Could be Monday. As in next. Bob might be able to get enough earnest money together via his ebay business, but I'm not sure. He is currently at the Viking preseason game courtesy of his sister. So I don't know about ebay until tomorrow.

I had one phone interview today. The other never called me, though she did leave me a voicemail. The phone interview I had went well though the job is probably not what I really want. They have the schedule I want but the job is a customer service job with upselling. They pay a base salary (what I'm making now or more) plus incentives for making sales goals. So it could be good but I hate upselling and I hate selling to people who aren't asking to buy. We'll see.

Ummm. Not much else is new here. Other than we might be home owners soon! Which means...moving! Yikes!

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Kathy said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed about the possible home owning! Yahoo! Is it in MY suburb? Also - about the farmer's market thing - I can't do that but I'd like to do something else with you. Maybe we should meet mommylap at my favorite vietnamese deli?! We'll talk.