Wednesday, August 30, 2006

When It Rains...

I had a phone interview this morning.  I have a face to face tomorrow afternoon.  Since yesterday, I have been contacted by no less than 6 other hiring managers who wanted to schedule an interview today or tomorrow.  I had to say no to all.  I actually said no to one only because their location was in South St. Paul and I just dont want to commute that far.  But the rest could not schedule me in next week because apparently, all the hiring in the world has to take place before Labor Day.  Or something like that.  Although I do have an interview on Tuesday over the lunch hour, so apparently not all hiring has to take place before Labor Daybut most of it seems to.  I am really counting on the job I am interviewing for tomorrow though. 

In other job-related news, loud girl is leaving our team.  In a surprising email that stunned even the closest to her, it was announced that she will be moving to a new job, department, floor starting the middle of next month.  The relief of our current team was palpable after that e-mail circulated.  Once I leave, this department will be down 3 people, one from each team in this department.  That means each manager had to hire a new personif its approved.  There has been a hiring freeze for several months, so it may just be that the rest of the team will have to fill in where possible.  This news almost makes me want to stay since much of my work directed animosity was actually about her. 

Bob is taking the baby girls to the vet today.  They will be spayed and declawed tomorrow and we will pick them up Saturday.  When we go to get them, we will be bringing the big girl cats with us for their shots.  So the drive home should be a thrilling and lovely ride with all 4 cats.  Speaking ofone of our lovelies (Maisey, I suspect) peed on our bed night before last.  I felt her pawing at my foot and rolled over to give her a kick but instead my foot landed in the wet spot of her pee.  So, I got up at 3:30 in the morning, sprayed the spot with pet stain/smell remover, changed our sheets, and cleaned out the litter boxes in case there was a problem left in there that I missed.  Then we shut the door so no cats were allowed inside our bedroom.  The next morning, before I left for work, I found a pile of poo in front of the door, which I am assuming came from the same cat that peed on the bed (again, Im assuming it was Maisey, the disgruntled tabby).  We got through yesterday and all of last night with no other incidences of pee or poo.  She will probably think her excrement resulted in the banishment of the kittens.  Boy will she be surprise on Saturday!


Yvonne said...

Good luck with the interview today and to the Baby Girls.

I wonder if people like Loud Girl can feel the relief when they announce their departure ... probably not, selfish people are too self absorbed.

Heather said...

Hmmm... sounds like you have one pissed off putty tat!! Hopefully things will get better in that area!!