Thursday, August 31, 2006


My Favorite Things

1.) Tom Everett Scott: He was interviewed by my favorite morning show hosts, Ian and Margery on FM 107; this morning. Mmmmm. Hes my secret movie star boyfriend.

2.) Ian & Margery:

3.) Kevyn & Colleen:

4.) The Bird Chick: and her disapproving rabbits:

5.) The MN State Fair:

6.) Our new condo:

7.) Garnier Nutriesse Hair Color in Pomegranate;

8.) Bi-color sweet corn;

9.) My local library: from which I checked out The Red Tent which was fabulous!

10.) Lime Coke:

11.) The MDA: Dont forget about the telethon this weekend.

12.) Our Realtor:

13.) Our Kittens:

14.) Our Cats: ">

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