Thursday, August 24, 2006

Update Infinity Squared

So, we heard back from the realtor.  The sellers rejected our second offer.  They want full price, not to pay closing, not to put in any money to update appliances, and basically they want what they want and dont want to dicker, compromise, or give in at all.  My realtor says to sit tight and be patient.  In this market, they are being blind to what they can get verses what they want.  Basically, at this point, they are arguing over $5,000.  So, we sit and wait.  And we are OK with that.

In other updating news, I heard back from the gal who interviewed me on Monday and she hired someone else.  I emailed her a thank you note and asked for some constructive criticism from her regarding my interview.  I asked if there was anything I could have done differently or any skill I could improve upon to be better considered for a similar position in the future.  I have not heard back from her on that yet.

I DID have a phone interview from yet another department and should know within the week if they liked me enough to want to interview me in person.  Man, this is hard.  I got into Big Bank Co with 1 application and 1 interviewall occurring within less than 2 weeks.  Who knew it would be harder to get a new job within Big Bank Co than it was to get in in the first place?  Sheesh!

Today is the first day of the State Fair.  I am going on Saturday and cannot wait!  Photos to follow of course.

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