Friday, August 18, 2006

Condo Update 2.1

I am thankful it is Friday but this has got to be the slowest moving day in the history of the calendar.  It doesnt help that our condo purchase seems to be stalled by our own credit issues.  We do have an OK credit number but there are about a half dozen things on our credit report that have been taken care of in the past and are still sitting there mocking us.  So our lender passed us to a credit clean up company.  We pay them a gob of money each month for 3 months and they send registered letters to all 3 credit reporting companies asking to remove certain things from our report. After the 90 days, our credit report should be cleaner and better.  If its not, our money is refunded 100%.  If it is, then the lender reruns our report and uses the newer, shinier number to get us a better rate/loan and the cost of the credit clean up is refunded back to us at closing.  The only problem is this takes time.  We are looking at 3 months right now.  We dont have 3 months.  This condo is dated but its otherwise fine and at a good price.  If we dont move soon, we will lose it and then were back at square one and who knows how long it will take to find something that has everything we want at a price we can afford.  Arg!  I cant stop my leg from hopping up and down. All this waiting and seeing has brought on anxiety and restless leg syndrome. It probably doesnt help that today is the day my period is supposed to arrive.

I called my realtor and she said to call the lender.  I called the lender and left a voicemail.  I guess all of this is to get the lower rate but we might be OK with the OK rate. I need to wait until Bob wakes up so I can ask him what he thinks we should do.  Hes the best.  More waiting.  Waiting to hear from the lender.  Waiting for Bob to wake up.  Waiting to see what happens next.  I hate waiting.  I especially hate waiting when I think I have found home.

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Anonymous said...

in reading your posts over time, this isn't the first "home" you thought you had a tag on. My thought is, "if it's to be, it will be!" Always, always, "if" something doesn't work out it's for a good reason and there is something even better in the future.
The story isn't over yet, so you could very well get this place. But I'd agree that the waiting and stress of it is the worst. Hang in there and pray!