Sunday, August 27, 2006

State Fair

State Fair Scenery
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I went to the MN State Fair yesterday. I met up with a friend, her sister, and her mom. I had a lot of fun. Click my Flickr Badge to see all the photos I took and maybe you will get a sense of the sea of humanity that encompasses the MN State Get Together.

Friday night I met 3 girlfriends for dinner. Friends are the best. We talked about everything and anything including all the scars and broken bones we had incurred in our livetimes. Good times.

You know what good friends are best at? Empathizing. Do you know what is missing in most day to day interactions among humanity? Empathy. Empathy is just allowing yourself to feel someone else's feelings for a moment. Walking in their shoes. Seeing things from their perspective. It doesn't judge. It doesn't coddle. It doesn't enable. It doesn't make excuses. It just says, "Huh, that sucks." or "Wow! That's great news!" And you know what? Empathy feels good. Give it a try.

In honor of my best friends and their empathy and their support, I am going to make a list of all the best things going for us right now.

1.) Our relationship/marriage. Bob is my best friend and my biggest supporter. He doesn't always understand me, but he loves me completely. I am amazed at all he endures every day and how he still maintains the most positive of outlooks.

2.) Our jobs. My job may not be great right now, but I have a job and am doing what I can to make it better. Bob is doing well at his eBay business and working at the gas station when he can.

3.) Our home. Right now we enjoy living in a lovely apartment community near beautiful parks and both our jobs. Soon we will live in a lovely condo community near 2 beautiful lakes and parks.

4.) Our cats. It may seem silly to some, but we love the joy and frivolity these furry friends bring to our lives.

5.) Our family. Never have we felt the love and support of our family as we have this year. They have rallied around us in a way that makes us feel a part of something bigger than us.

6.) Our friends and church family. Throughout our struggles and our triumphs, these faithful people have stood by us, held our hands, wiped our tears, prayed with and for us, cheered with us, and stood in the gap for us.

7.) Our hobbies, talents, and abilities. Bob has his love of coins, collecting, selling,and trading. He is also so very good at interacting with people. He writes poetry and is the best at putting himself in the place of others. I have my photography, writing, crocheting/knitting, and reading. In fact, I've rediscovered the joy that is the local library.

8.) Our faith...such as it is. I might be struggling but I am working through it and God, if He exists, is not offended at my struggle. Bob has a great faith and finds great comfort in his relationship with God.

9.) The MDA. We really do not know what we would do without them. The people working with the local MDA are the best. They are kind, caring, funny, warm, welcoming, and hard working. They do everything in their power to see that people with Muscular Dystrophy get the help and support they need.

10.) Life and the fact that every new day brings new promise, new opportunities, new lessons, new understanding, new friends, new possibilities, and new mercy/grace.

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