Thursday, August 17, 2006

Two Entry Thursday

The lender just called and can I say how much I like him so far?  He’s kind, gentle, funny, helpful, and the father of 5 girls.  He said that he works with a company that will send the credit reporting companies registered letters requesting older items be removed from our credit report.  We have 4 or 5 items that should be removed and once they are removed, our credit score should go up.  Right now it’s at or about 675 which isn’t bad considering we have a 4 year old bankruptcy and Bob’s ever present student loan issues.  Once those things get resolved our score could shoot to over 700 and that means our interest rate goes down as does our payment.  I was kind of bugging over the association fees, but they include cable, water, sewer, trash collection, AND heat.  The only utilities we would be responsible for is internet and phone which for us is a bundled service.  Considering those things, it isn’t so high after all.  Plus, when you think about it, when we do finally move into a house of our own, we can put the money we were spending for association fees into a savings account and not even miss it.  So things just continue to move along.

Bob went to a training session this morning to learn how to be a speaker for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I’m not sure how many training sessions he must go to, but once he’s fully trained, he will be called on to speak on behalf of our local MDA.  He is really excited about his and it’s a high honor to be asked to represent MDA in this way.  Yay Bob!  The Telethon is only 2 weeks away and we can’t wait. 

Remember a while back how I said my belly button was red and itchy and yucky?  It happened again this week only it wasn’t itchy or sore.  It was REALLY red and…um…it stunk.  I kept getting a whiff of a funky body smell on me.  I kept checking my pits to see if that was where the offending smell was coming from and it didn’t seem to be the source.  Finally, I went to the restroom and as I sat down I caught site of the inflamed belly button and then I caught a whiff of said button.  YIKES!  I told Bob about it and he said it was most likely a yeast infection.  IN MY BELLY BUTTON!  We had some cream on hand and that seemed to have taken care of it.  At least it doesn’t smell any more and the redness is pinker now.  Blech!

I did not sleep well last night.  Not only was I wide awake at 2am but the kittens decided it was time to play.  Why is it they only play with the noisy toys after bedtime?  They were both playing with a jingly or squeaky toy that I had to confiscate.  Then they decided to play with my feet and/or wrestle each other on the bed.  Finally, around 3, I kicked all members of the feline persuasion out of the bedroom and shut the door.  I think I finally fell asleep around 4 only to have Bob wake me up at 5:45 to say my alarm was going off.  *yawn*  I’m so tired.


Mom said...

The "nooks and crannies" of our bodies can harbor yeast. That's what's probably happening with your belly button. When you shower or bathe and dry off..use your hair dryer after toweling off. Then use a powder (not baby type) that's antibiotical..such as Zeosorb or there's another that begins with "T" but I can't remember the name of it.
For some reason other powders just won't do it.
Great news about the condo! Hope it all will work out for you two!

RDC said...

Ew! Yeast infections - a woman's plight. I have never had one in my BB, but I have on my nipple! Stupid fungus!