Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Monday

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Mondays are better now that I have decidedly taken a break from school. I don't start my week overtired and underprepared and that feels good.

My boss actually took me aside today to thank me for some extra work I did last week. She told me she appreciates it and I did a good job. I can't begin to explain how good I felt after that. All I ask for is a little balance in the feedback department.

I have an interview on Thursday after work. I feel really good about this and think this could be a good move for me. It's with the insurance department of Big Bank Co. It's a new department within insurance that is going "live" on October 2nd. It would be exciting to be in on the ground floor of a new department. I had a brief phone interview this afternoon and it went really well.

Bob has to take the van into where we bought it for some minor repairs. Someone drove over the ramp while it was down and now it is not working properly. It's a bummer, but nothing that can't be fixed.

The kittens go in tomorrow or Wednesday for their fixin'. I wonder if this will change their little personalities at all. Both our big girls were already fixed when we got them so we don't know if it altered their personas at all. The babies will be at the vets 2 full days and half of one so they should be OK to come home after that.

I found a gray hair on my head on Saturday so I am currently coloring my hair. I use Garnier pomagranite as my color of choice. Bob hates the smell as I sit in our office typing next to him, but he likes me as a red head.

The photo above was taken by me. A major accomplishment if you know me. I am bug-phobic. This giant guy lives on a web on our patio and as long as he stays there, I am not bugged by his presence. Now if he were to find his way inside our home, then I would have issues. Nope, as long as he sits on his pretty web and gorges himself on misquitoes and other bugs outside, I am fine with sharing my patio garden with him.

I am reading a book that I heard a lot about but never picked up. It's called The Red Tent and it's really good so far. I got it at the local library so if you live in the west suburbs and want to check it out when I am done, make your reserves now.

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Yvonne said...

That's a great photograph!

I'm glad you received some positive words at work. People are too stingy with them, as if it costs them something.