Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bad News Really Brings the Weepies

Last day on Clomid, thank God.  So weepy over every little thing.  Yesterday we got some bad (though not awful or life changing or “Oh My GOD”) news and as soon as it was announced, the tears began to fall.  At work.  Sheesh!  All I can say is this better work because the week of weepies will get old soon.  Although I’m told that pregnancy hormones are just as fun.  At least with the pregnancy hormones you have something to show for at the end.

I was out last night.  I got home around 10pm.  First thing I did was check our voicemail messages.  The second one was my dad and as soon as I heard his voice I knew something bad had happened.  Thankfully it wasn’t horribly bad but bad enough.  Turns out my mom slipped and broke her ankle in three places.  I called this morning (their 42 anniversary by the way) to check on her and Dad said they were STILL waiting to hear from an orthopedic surgeon but were about ready to give up and call him instead.  She slept overnight with a splint and some painkillers.  She has a borrowed wheelchair.  Man, this sucks.  My poor little Mommy.  Hope they can get her put together and to rights again soon.  Send good thoughts her way.  Of course as I listened to the message, tears began to flow. 

It’s still raining today.  Maybe the atmosphere is also going through hormonal changes. A look at the long range weather map shows maybe some clearing by Friday.  Hopefully the state fairgrounds will be dried up for our visit on Saturday. 

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