Wednesday, August 29, 2007

IUI Update

So the insemination happened without a hitch.  Not that it wasn’t threatened.  I was in a meeting when Bob was supposed to be in giving his sample.  I came out to find a voicemail from him saying he couldn’t find where he was supposed to be.  It was 9:05 and I had our shared cell phone.  I went to look up the number for the clinic to see if Bob was supposed to be there or go to another clinic.  As I found the number, Bob called and said he found it and was where he was supposed to be.  Whew.  I went in two hours later to find that things had gone off without a hitch.  The sample Bob left was labeled “fair”.  I felt a tad disappointed at that until I remembered all we need is 1.  So…hopefully one will make it.  I was given instructions to have sex in 36 hours and to make an appointment for Tuesday to check hormone levels.  I was also given a prescription for progesterone suppositories.  I am to take two a day but there aren’t instructions on how to insert it or how far to insert it.  Anyone?  Any experienced suppository users out there?  Should this take and I actually get and stay pregnant, I am to take these bad boys through my 12th week. Finally, I can take a pregnancy test on the 10th.  Actually, I will know by then anyway since that’s the day my next period is due.  So, that’s that and there is nothing to do but wait.  And shove pills into my hoo ha.

I guess I am thankful that the next few days are super busy.  That way I don’t have time to just dwell, fixate, and worry.  Tonight is homework night at the library, tomorrow night it school.  This weekend is filled with the fair and the MDA Telethon.  Next week is rapidly turning out to be jam packed with stuff to go over and get done before my boss’s last day of work with our team.  I also have the clinic visit, a goodbye happy hour (which I will have to forego and miss my favorite mojito!), and then the weekend will be spent in my home town with my mom.  So…it looks like time will fly until the 10th (I hope).

Who am I kidding?  Even with the business of the next 2 weeks, all I can think about is getting and staying pregnant.  Today the RE’s clinic was bustling with pregnant women.  All of them with protruding bellies covered by cute little maternity tops or stretchy T-shirts.  I want to be one of them.  What’s even worse is the multitude of bulletin boards filled with baby pictures you have to pass as you walk to the exam room.  Most are of one baby but there are a few with two or three newborns featured.  I want one of those cards with our baby’s picture on it.  Man, I hope we don’t have to use all our tries.  After this we have 4 more tries to go and I’m hoping we don’t have to go through them all.  Actually, I’m hoping we don’t have to use any more at all after today.


Hillary said...

I've got my fingers, toes, etc... crossed for you. I really hope this works!

Mi SoSmart said...

Amy - Bob can get real results with Fertility Blend for men. The stuff is a miracle worker. If this cycle doesn't work - (I am praying it does) then have him try it.

Let me know how you are doing.