Monday, August 20, 2007

Clomid's Working

I think the Clomid is working.  I am weepy at the drop of a hat.  Our internet has been out for several days and while trying to get customer service to understand the problem, I broke down and cried.  When I told Bob the tech couldn’t make it to our place until Wednesday, I broke down and cried again.  Then today my boss took our little team into her office to tell us she is accepting a job in another department and would be leaving us and…you got it.  I broke down and cried again.  (Not great heaving sobs of sorrow mind you.  Just little tear drops of sadness.)  So yeah, the Clomid seems to be working.  Tomorrow is my last day to take it.  Thursday is the FUS and after that I will know more.  Follow along in our continuing saga.

I found the thing I want for my birthday/graduation/Christmas gift.  I went to the jewelry store in our building to get my wedding set cleaned and while there I saw a beautiful ring.  It is a white gold ring with a horizontal oval stone surrounded by teeny diamond chips.  The stone in the ring right now is the August birthstone but the salesman said it could be set with the December birthstone just as easily.  So I got the info written down on the salesman’s card, including my ring size and birthstone and will be handing it to my beloved husband so he can dutifully plan ahead and hopefully, possibly purchase the ring for me in December.  I don’t usually go for jewelry.  In fact the only jewelry I usually wear is my wedding set but for my 40th/graduation I thought something a bit fanciful was in order.  Oh, and it’s at a bargain price and that’s even better!

It hasn’t stopped raining for…it seems like a week now but I think it’s only been 4 days.  We were in the midst of a huge drought but with 4 days of grey, drizzly, rain the drought is over.  Some places are seeing flooding since the ground is so saturated.  One town documented 17 inches of rain in a 24 hour period setting a new state record.  A house was flooded off its foundation as 3 people clung to it in hopes of avoiding the flood and being rescued.  Imagine riding your house down the white water rapids!  The rest of the week looks to be as rainy, drippy, and drizzly as the last four days.  It’s good nap weather, unfortunately I don’t have time for a nap.

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