Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Looking Ahead

I was going to write a lovely post this morning about how much better my period is this time around now that my uterus is completely clear of polyps, endometriosis, and the like.  I am well into day 2 of my cycle and it was smooth, pain-free sailing…until lunch time today.  I have since taken my one half of a Vicodin tablet and am feeling muuuuucccchhhhh better now thank you.  I will say that even though there was Vicodin worthy pain, it is much diminished from previous months.  Also, in the past, I’ve had to pop the Vicodin much earlier (like hour 1 of day 1) in my cycle.

Last night after work, my co-workers and I gathered together at a local boat launch and had an after work lake cruise.  It was a lot of fun.  We had some concerns because the weather men were loaded with all kinds of weather woe and worry about an approaching storm. Thankfully, the bad weather was put off and we were able to enjoy a 2-hour cruise around beautiful Lake Minnetonka.  This particular cruise is touted as the Fajitas & Margaritas cruise and it was!  We were given the Margaritas immediately upon boarding and after about 30 minutes out, we got in line to dish up some delish fajitas.  Check out my Flickr badge for photos of the event.

As a group of co-workers, we don’t do much outside of work and this was a real treat.  The weather was beautiful, the food good, and being on the lake was heavenly.  All of these things came together beautifully and fostered some good interaction between all of us.  There were only 2 co-workers missing from the outing so we considered it a success and it seemed like everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.  We were able to leave the work at work and actually talk and relate to each other as people and folks rather than co-worker, manager, or drone.  I recommend events like these for anyone who works in a small office.  It really does wonders to promote teamwork and foster more interaction.

Of course the weather couldn’t hold off forever.  As we carpooled back to work to pick up our cars, we heard word of a severe storm complete with tornadic activity, straight line winds, and hail just north of us.  Half our group had to drive that way to get home.  The rest of us weren’t left out as a second storm with just as much fury hit our part of the metro area just as the evening news was winding down.  Bob and I stayed up and watched it. After a while I had to turn away because the lightning was so bright it blinded me.  The thunder was so loud that our apartment building shook and car alarms kept going off in the parking lot.   The second storm was supposed to be bringing lower air temps and less humidity but as I left for work this morning at 7am, the temp was 77 and the dew point 66.  It was downright tropical.

I am kind of stuck right now.  Instead of living each day as its own and enjoying all I can about the day, I am living in the future.  I’m trying not to but it’s hard.  I live for Friday when I can start the Chlomid.  I live for next Thursday when I get the ultrasound.  I live for next Friday or Saturday when I go through the next insemination.  I live for next Saturday when we go to the State Fair.  I live for Labor Day weekend when we work the telethon.  I live for September when we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.  I live for October when my 4th and next to last class (which has been touted as the class from hell from those who came before us and know) will be over and done.  I live for November when I will finish my 5th and final class.  I live for December 14th when I turn 40.  I live for December 21st when I finally, finally graduate from college.  I live for January when I will throw myself a birthday/graduation party.  I live for the day when I can say, “I’m pregnant!”  I live for the day when I can hold my baby.  I live for the day when I am a mom.  I live for the day when our family of 2 becomes a family of 3+.  I know I need to just get through and live for today, but there is so much to look forward to that I find it hard not to keep looking ahead.


Mike Adamick said...

Just found you through metrodad -- and I'm glad I did. Your last graph was inspiring and comforting, knowing we all probably look for something else. It's a constant refrain for me.

Mike at cry it out!

blacknwhitenread said...

It has been a while since I have been by. I am going to put your link up at my new site so I can stay in better touch. Annie