Monday, August 27, 2007

Follicle Information

First, follicle update.  I went in to the clinic at lunch time today.  I still have the two follicles.  The left side measured at 20 today and the right side measured at 14.  The insemination is scheduled for 11am Wednesday.  I am under doctor’s orders to have marital relations with my husband tonight and then nothing until the insemination.  Also, Bob has to give me my hormone injection tonight.  I think he is looking forward to jabbing me with a needle.  So, we look good to go for now.  I was worried at first because the right follicle was measuring small and at first she couldn’t find the left one.  After a lot of looking and enough pressure that made me think I was going to burst, she found it.  Whew!  After the follicle search, I had to go to the pharmacy to get the RX for the hormones.  The pharmacy at the clinic was fresh out of the RX so I had to drive to my regular pharmacy and drop it off there for pick up after work.  Bob will stick me at bedtime and then we just wait for Wednesday.

We went to the State Fair on Saturday (check out the photos on my Flickr badge at right).  I am such the little kid.  I woke up around 4:30am and could not get back to sleep.  Finally around 5, I got up and began getting ready for the day.  Bob woke up soon after and we were out the door by 6:30 and at the fair by 7.  Once we parked and got out onto the fairgrounds, it was about 7:30.  It’s nice getting there early because you can actually more and breathe.  Once 9 or 10 hits, forget it.  All of humanity seems to be at the fair and moving at a snail’s pace.

The fair was great.  We ate at the Epiphany Diner for breakfast.  This is a nice experience because you get to actually sit down and eat your meal.  Bob had a standard egg breakfast and I had biscuits and gravy.  After breakfast, we walked to the Miracle of Birth building.  Not much was going on there (other than 8 million parents and kids milling about) but it is always nice to see the animals.  After that, Bob decided to stay by the DNR fish pond while I went to check out some bargains.  I found a cool cup/bottle holder for Bob’s wheelchair, some socks that are supposed to be good for blister free walking, a nozzle for our kitchen sink, some spot remover for our carpet, and some Gedney State Fair baby dill pickles.  I also got the card of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner sales guy who told me to talk to Bob and come back to talk vacuums…or not.  He actually said that.  Salesmen in MN are laid back.  Turns out we didn’t go back to talk to the vacuum guy.

After a nice lunch of corn on the cob and corndogs, we headed for the Pet Center.  I got the cats a toy, watched an obedience demonstration, pet some nice doggies, and then it was on to the FM107.1 stage.  Oh!  Except before that, we saw the daily fair parade.  This was the first year I’d ever seen it.  It was pretty cool.  Back at FM107.1, I got to be on the radio for a bit talking about the new website.  That was cool.  After that it was time to take in some exhibits at the education building.  Having had enough fun there, it was time to see some animals.  This year I got only as far as the bunnies and the sheep.  I did get some nice photos of some disapproving rabbits though.  Following that, we picked up dinner of a wild rice burger and cheese curds and then head out for some fun time on the midway.  Bob won a giant dog so we decided it was time to pack it in and go home.  By this point, it was nearing 7pm.  We’d spent the whole day at the fair and I hadn’t made it to the cow or horse barns or to Heritage Square.  Oh well, stuff to do next week.

Yesterday I woke up with the achiest feet and calves in all the land.  I have large blisters on both feet and my arches and calves still hurt today.  I did make it to Shuler shoes to get some new walking shoes and socks and to The Avenue and got a couple of new work out outfits.  I also got some laundry done and after that I did absolutely nothing.  And that’s the way I like it.