Thursday, August 23, 2007

Follicle Update

Boy I’m getting good at this ultrasound stuff.  This was the first ultrasound post polyp and it was good not to see that little invader in there.  I left my desk at work at 11:30 and was back at my desk by 11:35 after the appointment and picking up lunch as well.  The ultrasound revealed 2 follicles.  One on my left and one on my right.  Also, it seems the Clomid slowed my ovulation down, which it is known to do. (I didn’t know that, but the nurse said it’s not uncommon.)  While the follicles look good, they are not ready yet.  They only measure at about 6 and they want to see them at closer to 20.  So I go back on Monday for a second look-see and the insemination is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday.  I also had to pay a boatload of cash today to make our account current.  Good thing my tuition reimbursement check went through and showed up today.

My mom emailed that the orthopedic surgeon called her as soon as he saw the X-rays and wanted her in surgery today.  I don’t know what time the surgery is scheduled for but supposedly she will go in this afternoon and will remain in the hospital overnight.  I ordered a bouquet of flowers sent to her to cheer her up.

Then Bob calls and says that last night he fell and hit his head/face and now he is sporting a giant goose egg and black eye.  I didn’t see it because he fell after I was asleep and I got up and left for work before he got up.  Nice.  He’ll look amazing going in on Wednesday to drop off his sample.

Still no Ty or Home Makeover sightings though the bus was seen getting on to the interstate that would take it to Sears, so who knows?  Some of the volunteers have been using my local Caribou and that’s become Home Makeover gossip central. 

The state fair opened today.  It’s been foggy, damp, gray, and raining all day.  Supposedly Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be sunny and warm.  Perfect State Fair weather.


Gael said...

You did your appointment AND lunch in FIVE MINUTES? Whoa!

I wish I could go to the Fair this year. Lots of new food on a stick. And Kool-Aid pickles at Famous Dave's! I can't decide if the sweet-sour combo sounds gross or good.

Yvonne said...

I hope your mom's surgery went well!

Heather said...

YEAH for two folicles!!