Monday, August 13, 2007

Regarding the weekend and our next steps

The weekend went by too quickly.  I spent most of Friday night doing chores such as cleaning litter boxes, cleaning out the dishwasher, cleaning our 2 bathrooms, vacuuming, and cleaning the kitchen.  Bob and I went to bed around midnight only to be awoken by an amazing cacophony of booms, bangs, and crashes and an amazing strobe light show of lightning. I love storms and we’ve been denied them this the summer of the drought.  I stayed up for about 45 minutes watching the storm.  I started to get sleepy and a couple of times faded off only to be jerked awake by gigantic claps of thunder.  The wind was whipping the trees and rain and I had to get up to shut the windows in our living room and office though I left out sliding glass door open in our bedroom, the better to hear the storm.

Saturday dawned sunny and brilliant and I got up before noon, paid the bills electronically, did the laundry, shopped for various and sundry things (cat litter, laundry soap, fabric softener, etc), and then got home to find Bob bored and wanting to do something.  We decided to go to the Mall of America’s Underwater World.  We had free tickets and wanted to give them a try.  Might as well, it was a sweltering 90+ and humid outside.  Why not spend the rest of the afternoon/evening in the MOA’s air conditioned glory?  Well, it seemed that all the parents in the metro had the same idea.  The Mall and UWW was packed with people and their progeny.  UWW was OK.  Not worth the price of a regular ticket, but cool enough. We had the usual frustrations of parents letting their kids run out in front of Bob who can’t stop on a dime in his chair.  We also had the parents whose kids just stood in front of Bob in his chair.  And we had the stroller people walking or parking their gigantomobiles side by side which made it hard if not impossible for Bob to get by without nasty glares and sighs of almighty put-out-upon-ness.  Sheesh.  Finally, we had our favorite struggle when we go out in public, the use of the public elevator.  For Bob, the ONLY way he can manage to get from floor to floor is via elevator.  Yet we continue to get pushed out by very able bodied ambulatory people who insist on using the elevator.  THEY could use stairs or escalators.  There are several sets of both located throughout the mall.  There are only 4 or so sets of elevators and they are notoriously slow.  I finally got fed up when we got mobbed out of yet another elevator in the parking ramp and said passive aggressively as the door closed, “Oh sure, all the people who CAN take the stairs are hogging the elevator so you have to wait again, honey!”  He was embarrassed but I’d had enough.  Grrrrrr.

We drove home in another storm and watched the skies behind us darken, the skies ahead of us lighten and the lightning flash to the north and south of us.  We stopped at Dairy Queen for a treat because what’s a stormy summer Saturday without a dilly bar?  When we got out of the car, we saw a family with my very favorite puppy in the whole world…a Burmese Mountain dog.  She was 7 weeks old and so roly poly, cute, and fluffy!  This nice family let me pet and play with her and then they gave her ice cream to lick off her very own spoon.  So!  Cute!

Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant and getting ready to deliver a baby.  Then the dream switched and suddenly I was home with the baby but couldn’t remember having the baby, if the baby was a boy or girl, and what we named the baby.  I decided to change its diaper to see if it was a boy or girl.  It was a boy and as soon as air hit his little pee-pee, an arc of urine baptized me.  Bob came around and told me his name was Daniel.  I wasn’t thrilled with the name but went with it.  In the dream we talked about how easy it had been to conceive and how easy the pregnancy was so we began to plan our next pregnancy.  The dream could be a result of us going ahead with our next insemination.  I got my period today and called the clinic for Chlomid as my doctor told me to do.  The front desk person asked me if I’m supposed to come in or are they supposed to call in an RX.  I said I didn’t know as this was my first time.  She said she would have a nurse call me.  So far, no one has called.  Next week…insemination try #2.

Ooops…regarding the above, the nurse JUST called.  Turns out she needed a pharmacy phone number.  She is calling in my prescription for the Chlomid.  I am to start taking it on day 5 and take it every day for 5 days.  I have a follicle ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday and the insemination should follow shortly after and then the longest 2 week wait in history. 

Let me end with this.  After I told Bob about my baby dream, he said, “Where was the 2nd baby?”  I explained that there was just the one baby.  He insisted there should have been two.  He is pretty sure that I will have twins and adamant in his desire for two.  I remain hopeful and cautious.


Heather said...

Hi Amy--good luck next week. All I can say about having 2 is--I hope you would have lots of help. These two little ones are keeping us VERY busy, and I have 3 grandma's and my 11 year old helper running in and out! It has been very challenging, but of course we are loving it too. It would be nice to get more than 3 hours of sleep a night though. :-) Take Care--Heather Davis

Yvonne said...

Good luck and {{{hugs}}}.