Friday, August 03, 2007

Moving Along

It seems wrong to focus on the stuff of life when there are still people missing, presumably entombed in the mighty Mississippi.  Still, we who are living must continue to live.  Still, something compels me to go down to the Stone Arch Bridge this weekend to see the wreckage for myself.  I may, if the urge remains as strong as it is today and barring any unforeseen quarantine-ing of the area.

In lieu of life going on, I had my final presentation class last night and had to give my presentation final.  It went well and the grade I received was an A…99 out of 100.  Not bad.  Bob accompanied me as we were to invite family and friends to pose as our audience.   He said I did a great job and he was proud to be my husband.  Sweet.  I also got my final grade report from my class previous, PR Writing…a B+.  Not bad considering I was actually expecting my first C.  I hadn’t put forth the effort I thought was A or B worthy and yet I ended up with a high B.  So far in my back to college career, I’ve managed to pull and A’s and B’s, a feat I rarely managed in primary and rarely managed in secondary school.  Turns out I may not have been working up to my potential.  Who knew?

Next Thursday begins the fall semester for me at school.  It is also my final semester of school.  I have 3 classes left.  I am a senior in college with one semester left.  It seems like a dream.  I am within sight of finishing college and getting my degree! This is definitely squee-worthy. It’s only taken me 21 and a half years.  I talked to Bob about planning a 40th birthday/graduation party in January.  My birthday and graduation is in December but it is too hard to get people together that month and January usually brings a little let down with it after the hoopla and hype of the holidays. 

I am feeling much better today after the D&C.  My muscles no longer hurt and the effects of the anesthesia seem to have finally worn off.  I figured out that my neck and shoulders muscles hurt so much because of the wedge pillow they shoved under my shoulders in order to get my airway to be optimally opened.  My neck hung backwards off the pillow for an hour during the surgery and my muscles aren’t used to that, hence the pain. I am now muscle pain free and able to get back on my bike this weekend.  I have my surgery follow-up on Monday and will know more about how we can proceed with baby making after that.  My uterus is now essentially an empty room ready for an occupant.

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