Friday, August 17, 2007

No Title

I started the Clomid today (Speaking of…why did none of you inform me that I’d been spelling it wrong?) and so far so good.  Except all of a sudden I have a headache and it feels like I am having cramps around my ovaries.  But I haven’t gone all crabby or crazy and hope it’s a good sign of things to come.  Only 4 more days of taking it, then the FUS, then the insemination, and then the longest 2 week wait of my entire life.  Which reminds me of something.  Friends was one of my favorite TV shows and I know it was a sitcom and not real life but when Phoebe had the embryo transfer as a surrogate for her sister-in-law, they made it look like she took a pregnancy test the day of the transfer and got a positive test result.  Now I’m not doing embryo transfer but I would think the same principle applies.  If you know better or different, let me know in the comments.  Why can’t live be like Friends?

The trees are beginning to change color.  It’s freaking me out.  I saw the color change happening the last week of July for heaven’s sake!  I LOVE fall but am not a fan of winter. (Good thing I live in a state where winter lasts roughly 8 months out of the year then, huh?)  Winter is so stark and dark and long.  Once the leaves change color, it’s not long before they drop off and leave all our trees bare and naked and lonely looking. 

I have senioritis in the worst way.  I am halfway through my third class with only 2 more to go.  The next class I take is supposed to be a ballbuster and I am not looking forward to it.  Senioritis has manifested in a way that is making me care only half-heartedly about finishing my work.  So I finish it but it’s not up to me usual perfectionist standards. I only care that it’s done at this point but I don’t care how well it’s done.  Not my proudest announcement, but totally true.  I can’t wait to be done.

I am putting together a photo project for my combination birthday/graduation party. Since I am usually behind the camera and not in front of it, I sent out the word to all my friends and family that I need them to send me any photos of me from any age, in groups or alone, so I can create a power point/slideshow thing to show at the party.  I have the school years and post marriage years covered but need to fill the gaps between them.  I hope people help me out with this.  It could be fun.  I even wrote to my old elementary school to see if they have any photographs of my 6th grade class’s performance of “A Quiet Home Wedding.”  This performance occurred well before the days of cell phones and digital cameras.  I don’t even think portable video cameras were even used in the late 70’s, not that I remember anyway.  I have not heard back from them, but I hope to.  How about you?  Any former Washington Elementary students with photographic evidence of that fine performance?

I am not looking forward to the weekend.  It is not going to be restful or relaxing at all.  We need to be in Hastings by 8am Sunday morning to help with a fundraiser.  We will be there all day.  That means Saturday is going to have to be a housework and homework day.  I am going to have to do laundry, spot clean, and get the majority of my homework done tomorrow.  Which means tonight is a lazy night.  Unless I want to get as much stuff done tonight as I can in order to free up some time tomorrow.  At this point I would say no but we’ll see what happens when I get home.  Sometimes the condition of my house drives me to compulsively clean it before bed.  And there are things that HAVE to be done like watering the flowers and cleaning the cat boxes.  Sometimes getting that stuff done spurs me on to complete the rest of the housework.  Yet sometimes I just do those 2 things and then sit on the couch like a lump for the rest of the night.  If I were to guess right now, I would say couch lump is looking mighty pleasing right about now.


Yvonne said...

I hope you find time this weekend to just enjoy being together!

Heather said...

Hi Amy--unfortunately, Friends was a little misleading. :-) After an embryo transfer, there is a 10 day wait to the pregnancy test. It goes by surprisingly fast, so I hope your two weeks flies by too. I found it helpful to throw myself into every single possible activity I could to make the time move faster and keep from thinking too much. Good luck with the insemination, and with your last few classes! Hang in there!