Monday, September 24, 2007


It’s been a crappy couple of days. Yesterday Bob and I were looking forward to attending what has been mentioned to be the premiere emergent church in the Twin Cities. We showered and changed and drove to south Minneapolis only to find the building that this church rents was not accessible. We drove around it 3 times, located every possible entrance and looked for the one that would be accessible only to find none were accessible. Instead of going to church, we went to Dairy Queen and then for a walk around Lake Minnetonka. It ended up being a nice evening but we could have had a nice evening anywhere…we wanted to go to church. When we got home, I emailed the pastor to ask if we had perhaps missed the accessible entrance only to be told they do not in fact have an accessible entrance. Great, so the premiere emergent church in the Twin Cities is only accessible to those without disabilities. Or at least to people whose disabilities are such that they can still climb stairs and get into the building. We won’t make that mistake twice. I emailed all the other churches we are considering to ask if their buildings are accessible.

Today when I got to work I ran into the woman who hired our manager away from us. I haven’t seen this woman in months and in the month since she hired our manager for her own team, I’ve seen her on average of twice a week. Every time I see her, she puts on her sad face and asks me how we’re doing in a tone of voice that assumes we are sad and depressed. I just say we are fine and press the elevator door close button repeatedly so as to minimize the time I need to see her fake sympathetic sad face.

As soon as I got to my desk this morning I was greeted with not one, but two new pregnancy announcements. Great. Good for you. At the second one, I actually teared up and had to work a giant lump out of my throat. God, infertility sucks. I have another appointment at the clinic today to see how far I’ve progressed. On Friday the follicle only measured 11cm and they want to see it at 20cm. So today is follicle check #2. I don’t have high hopes but we’ll see.

Oh, and the icing on the cake that IS today is that when I went to the bathroom just now, I noticed that the capris I am wearing have a lovely tear right in the butt. The only thing saving me is that I am wearing underwear the exact same color as the capris I’m wearing. I am going home to change before I go to the RE’s clinic. At least I have that to fall back on otherwise I would just be making a trip home on my own time. Sheesh, it’s not even 9am and my day is shaping up to be filled with fabulosity.


Anne said...

Did you see the article in the New York Times last week about how so many of the fancy restaurants that claim to be accessible really aren't?

Here's a link to it:


Gael said...

"Premiere emergent church" rings some weird bells with me anyway. Is it one of those megachurches that is kind of making it up as they go along? We have one of those in Seattle and all the hipsters think it's the coolest thing, but the church also thinks women should rank lower in the family than men, which...ay yi yi. So those grapes were probably sour anyway!