Thursday, September 13, 2007

General Minutia

The purchase I was concerned about posted to my account today.  NOW all I have to do is register the warranty.  I tried to do it online last night but kept getting an error message.  When I tried to call it in today I received a recorded message that said, “Due to the holiday, we are closed.”  I was beginning to think I was scammed until I remembered that the warranty company is in New York and it’s the first day of Rosh Hashanah. D’oh!  So no dice on registering the warranty until Monday.

Tonight is my first night of the class I’ve been dreading.  The text for the class isn’t so bad.  At least in the preface the authors basically write, “We know you are scared and overwhelmed at the thought of this class but chill, we will do what we can to make it easy on you.”  I am hoping that as I read along, this is true.  That’s not to say the prof won’t work us down to the nub, but who can say.  Sometimes the Socrates method of learning sucks the big blue kazoo. 

I got a new bra the other night.  There is a place in the north metro area that fits and sells bras.  I used them when I got married but haven’t been there since.  The good news is that when I measured and fitted myself, I came up with the same number as the professional fitter at this place.  The bad news is the bra she fit me in is a cup size smaller than the measurement we came up with.  I measure at a DD but I am now fitted formally in a D.  I’m not sure how this sits with me.  I’ve been of the DD for so long it’s a part of me. To be relieved of the DD moniker is a little disheartening.  Still, it’s also a little freeing.  Not that my boobs are small by any means.  There is still an amble melon-sized mound on each side of my body, much to my husband’s glee.  But to lose the DD…well, I guess I’m still working through it.

I had to finish up one last paper for my last class.  It was due today so of course I put it off until last night.  We had to watch a movie from a list and critique the ethical situations found therein.  I chose Broadcast News.  I forgot how much I liked that movie.  I also forgot that Joan Cusak and Jack Nicholson are in it.  My favorite line is when Albert Brook’s character tells Holly Hunter’s character, “Ok, I'll meet you at the place near the thing where we went that time.”  And she knows exactly what he means.  I used to say that ALL THE TIME and had forgotten about it. I laughed out loud when I heard him say it.  The other thing that makes me laugh is in the beginning when Holly’s character is producing a spot that needs to be on the network news in seconds and her production assistant is getting it all put together, all she can say is his name over and over again, “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby…”  Heh.

Tomorrow, another clinic visit, another FUS, and a blood draw.  Oh my.


lap said...

I love Albert Brooks so much. He is the predecessor to Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill in my heart. Of course Albert is an artist. If you haven't seen Defending Your Life, you really need to- it's the whole funny,cynical,romantic Brooks package. Although I thought Mother was hysterical too.

I linked you in my diary today- let me know if you want me to take the link off, and I'm sorry I didn't ask first.

Kathy said...

I don't think I've commented for awhile. But I'm hoping for the best for you with the pregnancy you so want. I'll try and be a better commenter!

I think about you every morning when I take out my fresh dishcloth for the day!

lap said...

Of course I saw the tattoo! I've already decided irrationally that that's where I'll get anymore ink if I get another tattoo. I feel kind of sheltered having only the same tattoo artist do both of mine. I thought the Galactic Pizza folks were adorable, and I just didn't mention them because I am embarrassed I still haven't ever eaten their 'za. When I drop coin for fancy pizza, I tend to turn to Luce' since I am never disappointed.

Dawn said...

Look on the bright side--- It's probably easier to find bras with a D cup than it is to find them with DD!!