Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"The Plan"

I was going to write how the great period watch of 2007 was still in effect but as of this morning, the watch may finally be over.  According to my Ovusoft morning temp chart, my period should have come Sunday.  My own superior counting skills had me thinking it was due Monday.  So it barely shows up today.  Apparently Clomid does slow down one’s cycle.  Now I have to call the clinic to schedule another FUS and find out more about” The Plan”.

Did I write about winning something from the State Fair?  I happened to walk by the MN Egg Producers booth and picked up some recipes (I want to learn how to make a frittata).  As I was perusing the recipes, I was asked to enter their raffle.  I wasn’t even sure what it was for but I obliged and filled out.  Well, I ended up winning!  I don’t know if they had one drawing or multiples but I received a phone call asking for a verification of our shipping address and two days later I was the proud owner of a brand new omelet pan, a whisk, a rubber spatula, an apron, and 2 oven mitts.  All but the pan say, “May is National Egg Month”.  I’ve used the omelet pan every morning this week and I must say I LOVE it!  I use 2 eggs and fill the omelet with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and cheese.  They are yummy, filling, and so good for me.

I needed some new fall clothes now that someone flicked the weather switch from blazing hot to practically freezing.  (the low last night nearly reach the 30s!)  I found a pair of pants and a couple of shirts at Catherine’s.  I also found a couple pair of pants and a couple shirts at The Avenue.  I still could use a pair of brown slacks and a couple more sweaters.  And maybe a pair of jeans.  I also need a new winter coat and I’m shopping for a graduation dress.  If you have any good ideas where I can get a pretty plus sized dress perfect for a December graduation, please leave me a comment.  I’ve looked online and most of the dresses I’ve looked at are kind of clingy and sleeveless.  Whose bright idea is it to put oversized arms into sleeveless dresses?  I have 3 months to find the perfect dress and I may need every minute.  Dresses for plus sized women seem to either be too matronly or too sexy/flirty.  I am looking for something in-between. I’m not really a dress gal per se so this is really difficult.

Tomorrow I begin the class I’ve been fearing and dreading since going back to school.  It’s called Methods of Communication Research and it’s a 5-week course.  Also, we have to work on the final paper/project in groups or teams.  I hate working on school work in groups.  We all receive the same final grade even if we don’t all do the same amount of work.  I kind of feel like you are either dragged down by the lowest group member unless you ignore them and let them off the hook but then the remaining members have to make up the slack and then the low member of the team earns a higher grade and didn’t do anything to earn it.  Thankfully, the only thing due tomorrow is a short essay.  I’m behind in the reading for the class, but can pick it up tonight after work.  At least the next 5 weeks will help take my mind off “The Plan”.


lap said...

Do you ever shop at Kohl's? I always find the best work clothes in their Women's section. Oftentimes on clearance too.

It's such design laziness when sleeveless shirts are cut with too big armholes, it's because someone doesn't alter the regular shirt pattern to raise the armhole tigher than when you set a sleeve into it. It's really a problem whenever you are dealing with a large bust, and yet it's a huge issue with Women's and Plus size clothing that never seems to be addressed. It's as if no one takes into account that if it's too big it actually will pull and gap open. If you find something that's great and just has armhole issues, that might be an easy and inexpensive alteration. So that's something to keep in mind

Anne said...

This is a lovely plain dress from Eddie Bauer that could be jazzed up with accessories to make it fancy.

Yvonne said...

Congratulations on the raffle winnings! How fun!

I know what you mean about working with a group. The working I don't mind but when there needs to be a verbal presentation or paper, you know you'll end up with the boat-load of responsibility. Good luck with the class.

sassy said...

I say go ahead and buy a pretty sleeveless dress, and then get yourself a lovely pashmina to go over it. I do this often, even with more summery dresses because I'm always freezing. It'll cover the arms, keep you warm AND add a touch of elegance that just can't be beat.

Mary said...

What about something like this?

Or this?

I buy a lot of clothing from them and love almost all of it. The prices are pretty reasonable too. Good luck!