Monday, September 17, 2007

Yep, Clomid's Working

I just know the Clomid is working. How do I know? Well, the fact that I am sobbing, literally sobbing while watching Miami Animal Police is one clue. The other is that my libido has severely ramped up. How's that for sexy? Crying over dying kittens while wanting to jump my husband? Hot!

In other news, I walked to work today. I have to say I really enjoy walking TO work more so than walking home FROM work. When I leave for work it's still dark and cool. Otherwise, it was OK. The heal of my left foot really hurts as do my arches. My fear is that my arches are falling and I need orthodics. Still, I will wait and see. I can't walk to work tomorrow as I need to drive to school right after work in order to work on the group project. But I CAN walk Wednesday and maybe Friday. That should give my feet some time to heal.

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Mary said...

My dear, if you need the orthotics, get the orthotics. Walking around with flat feet without the right support leads to fun stuff like arthritis in the toes. Trust me on this one. Nobody told me my feet were flat until I was 42, and there's some lasting damage now. *Especially* if you get pregnant, get yourself off to a podiatrist quick like.