Friday, September 28, 2007

Good Ending to Not so Good Week

I won some tickets to this show! I wanted to take Bob there for his birthday which is near the end of October but I couldn’t justify the expense. Now not only can I take him, but 4 of our friends too! What a nice birthday surprise and it marks the end of a hectic and not so good week.

I keep expecting to feel differently. As if I will just automatically KNOW if I am pregnant. I keep willing the sperm to penetrate the egg and the egg to travel and implant in the uterus. It is my mantra and I hope it is working though I do not know if it is or not. Of course over the next two weeks every twinge, pain, or possible pregnancy symptom will be analyzed to death. We also now begin the two weeks of no alcohol. Why is it that I only seem to want some things at the exact time I cannot have them but any other time I could care less?

Class went well last night. Only two weeks left of this particular class, (I am sensing a theme here.) which means only two weeks to gather and analyze our data, write our paper, organize our presentation, and present our findings to our class. At least the next two weeks will be busy doing something other than waiting for morning sickness and spotting.

Tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary. We do not have plans because I have to do school work and our cash flow is currently low. I DID, however, order a small round cake from the bakery that did our wedding cake and I will make a special meal. We may go for a drive on Sunday to take in the fall color, if the weather holds up. Although a friend of mine just added 3 kittens to her household and she wants me to come and take pictures of them while they are still tiny and kitten-y cute.

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Kassie said...

Congrats on the anniversary. It is CJ and my 1st anniversary tomorrow too. We are going out to dinner, but I wish I would have seen that you were getting a cake from where your wedding cake came from.

We got a delicisous cake from A Baker's Wife for our wedding, and eating some tomorrow would have been nice.

We had a Ding Dong cake at our reception, so maybe I'll go get some of those...