Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29th

So today is my 6th wedding anniversary. We didn't do much. I made Bob's favorite dinner and we have a small cake from the bakery that made our wedding cake.Yum, huh? I spent the morning with my Research Methods classmates. We had to conduct a focus group as part of our class project. It went well. All our participants showed up so that was a good sign. Overall, we are happy with where we are at right now, project-wise.

On the way home from the focus group, I got this:
It's a ticket. I was literally 2 miles from home. I was behind a slow little grandma car and at the first opportunity, I passed it. And got flagged by a female cop. There was a speed trap set and they were directing us off to a side road cul-de-sac. There were 5 other cars besides me when I got flagged and 5 others after me when I left. The cop was super nice. She asked me if I knew why I was pulled over and I said yes, because I'd been speeding. She asked me if I knew the speed limit on that road and I said 40 but it was really 35. (The road I would have turned on that goes by my house is 40.) Then she asked me if I knew how fast I was going and I said no and she said 50. Gulp. Then she noticed I was not wearing a seat belt and it was raining. I said I was almost home and just got careless. She said she was just trying to make sure people like me got home. Then she asked for my license and registration. I handed it over. She left and I tried not to cry. I was successful but not by much. This is the first time I've ever been pulled over for speeding. Ever. In my life. NOT the first time I've been speeding though. The cop came back and said she COULD site me for speeding and the ticket would be $150 plus points off my license. She said my insurance would go up about $50 a month. Then she said she was not going to cite me for speeding but to consider this a warning. (I heaved a huge sigh of relief here.) Then she said she had to cite me for not wearing a seatbelt and she watched as I put it on. She handed over my info and the ticket. You can bet I watched my speed and my driving the rest of the way home. When I parked my car in our lot I finally looked at the citation to see how much of a fine not wearing my seat belt carries. $100!!!!!! Man alive. I will be wearing that thing for sure now. It's an expensive lesson in patience and safety and I'm thankful I got off as easy as I did. Not a good way to spend an anniversary though. Bob was not happy but he got better as the day progressed. Good food has a way of making him happy.


Gael said...

What an adorable cake! I wish we had thought to get anniversary cakes from our wedding-cake bakery when we still lived in MN.

Please ALWAYS wear your seatbelt, especially now since you're trying to conceive! It's so automatic to me I won't back out of a parking space without it on.

Yvonne said...

Bummer about the ticket but I'm glad it wasn't worse.

Happy anniversary plus a couple of days!