Monday, September 10, 2007

Still Not Pregnant

So we’re not pregnant.  And I have yet to get my period…so that’s weird.  As instructed, I called the nurse line to let them know. My nurse called me back roughly 80 million hours later. (That’s just a rough estimate.)  Apparently Monday’s are quite busy.  She said that when I get my period I am to call and make an appointment for a FUS.  I said OK and then stopped and said, “wait a minute…you want me to call the clinic when I GET my period to schedule a FUS while I HAVE my period?”  She said yes and that so many people think that sounds gross.  And she said that last part in a disbelieving kind of tone.  Ummm, maybe they think it is because it is?  Anyway, she was properly sympathetic and yet equally hopeful and cheerleader-y for the next cycle.  She did say that male factor may have been the reason this time because Bob gave a very small sample and it was only graded fair.  Then she asked if we wanted to use donor sperm.  Um…really?  Is it normal to be asked this after one small/fair sample?  Our first try at insemination actually yielded a great sample.  So, no to the donor sperm.

I had a nice weekend with my mom though.  We didn’t do much.  I swept and vacuumed her floors and cleaned out her fridge and freezer.  My brother and his boys came over for a visit.  We went for a short excursion.  All in all it was a fast trip but nice nonetheless.  Poor mom is getting along OK and doing quite well considering. 

I was so hoping we were pregnant (even though I suspected we weren’t) that when I stopped at the outlet store in the Dells to get some glass refrigerator containers, I stopped in The Children’s Place just to have a look around.  I found the clearance racks and on the clearance racks I found .99 baby clothes.  And I bought some.  For the baby that we don’t have.  For the baby that’s non-existent right now.  Cute clothes for…no one.

Arg.  I’m in a funk and I can’t decide if it’s because the test was negative or because work is so crappy right now or if the class work ahead of me is already wearing me down or if it’s a combination of all the above.  Probably all the above.  Great.  We are heading into the darkest days of the year and I’m already down.

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Oh honey. Virtual hug.