Thursday, September 27, 2007

How My Day's Going So Far

So before noon today I was able to get quite a bit accomplished:

·       Fed and snuggled cats

·       Made and wrapped 2 egg sandwiches for Bob to have later

·       Showered and changed

·       Packed up laptop and readied school stuff

·       Wrote Bob a note asking him to have my oil changed when he takes my car to get a new battery

·       Collected Bob’s sample and turned it in (only about 10 minutes door to door)

·       Stopped at bank to cash check

·       Picked up cupcakes from bakery for work recognition event later today

·       Picked up anniversary card for Bob for Saturday (our 6th)

·       Stopped and placed order for lunch for pick up at 11:30.

·       Got inseminated (they left me in the room to…marinate (?) and forgot me.  I was there for a ½ hour!)

·       Picked up lunch

·       Parked in ramp and at my desk at noon on the dot.

Whew!  Completely normal day, and I had a message from Bob saying my car is ready to go and back in our apartment parking lot already.  I guess it wouldn’t start so they had to come across the street to jump it, drive it across the street to the garage, and drive it back to park.  But it starts and runs and has new oil now.

Yesterday I was listening to my iPod and got immensely, intently focused on Queen’s Somebody to Love.  Have you heard that song?  It has to be one of the most perfect songs ever written.  And I know Freddie Mercury was a gay man, but sometimes his voice causes me to fall completely, totally, and thoroughly in love with him.  I know he wasn’t singing about finding an overweight white girl to fall in love with but if he were still alive today, I don’t think it would be too far off for me to say a visit to his doorstep would be in order.  Of course I left the iPod in the van today so I am completely and utterly without good music at my desk today.

Tonight is class.  After tonight, I am halfway through this class…thank God!  Once this class is over, I only have one more class and then I am done.  On Monday I can order graduation announcements and my cap and gown!  I already have my party invites and am now looking into things to do for/at the party.  I’ve been researching things/people that turned 40 in 2007.  So far I’ve found that the Big Mac, ATM, The Graduate, and video games all turned 40 this year.  Also, these famous people turned 40 this year; Pamela Anderson, Julia Roberts, Wil Ferrell, and Nicole Kidman to name a few.

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Gael said...

I also turn 40 this year...the day after you. Woo!