Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When did it become fall?

It’s 90 degrees here today and yet as far as stores and retail vendors are concerned, it’s already fall.  The Halloween costumes are out at Target, the fall harvest stuff is out at the craft and fabric stores, the coffee shops are featuring their pumpkin breads and drinks, AND I’ve heard no fewer than 3 “prepare for the holidays” commercials in the last week.  There is no easing into fall around here.  Apparently once the fair is over and school starts, fall is here.

My friend’s mother’s funeral was today.  I could not attend so Bob attended in my stead.  I haven’t heard a report back from him yet but I am assuming it was well attended and was a fitting memorial to a wonderful woman.  My friend is doing much better.  Thank you to those of you who prayed for her.

Our weekend was busy with mostly MDA Labor Day Telethon stuff.  I did get to the state fair one more time on Saturday and had a lot of fun.  I spent hours in the horse barn talking to horsey people.  I rode the space needle for the first time ever. I also got over my fear of heights and rode both sky tram things.  The enclosed one was scarier to me than the ski-lift type one for reasons I still cannot put to words.  I tried a Gizmo sandwich for the first time (LOVED it!) and some non-food building cheese curds (HATED them!).  I had yummy roasted corn and beer battered mushrooms.  I also bought a pair of teeny tiny little Minnetonka Moccasins…just in caseJ.  Finally, I stayed for the horse show.  I am so glad I did.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police opened the show and it was spectacular.  A good ending to my day alone at the fair.

I had an appointment at my RE’s office today.  I thought it was JUST to check my progesterone levels, but apparently I can’t set foot into the clinic without having the vaginal wand visiting my hooha.  They were supposed to call me with the progesterone results but I haven’t heard from them yet.  They are looking for a number of 20 or over…which they will probably get because I’ve been using the progesterone suppositories they prescribed for me last week.  During my ultrasound, the technician found my right ovary with no problem and evidence of ovulation and egg release. She had a harder time trying to find my left ovary and an even harder time determining what happened to the follicle there.  I can test on Monday but should know one way or the other by then anyway since that’s when my period is due.  My clinic is going to send the results of my progesterone test and the ultrasound photos to my RE and when they call with my results, they will also have a plan for the next cycle should I not be pregnant this go-around.   I certainly don’t feel pregnant but I feel good about this cycle…and the next for whatever that is worth.

 I just wish I knew for sure because then I’d have a tangible reason to avoid alcohol and caffeine.  There is a work happy hour event tomorrow night and I will have to forgo my most favorite Mojito because there is a chance I’m pregnant.  I’m also back to cleaning the cat boxes out using rubber gloves and a mask.  Like I said in a former post, there really is no danger for me to get sick from my cat’s poo unless I eat it but why take chances? Anyway, I will know in less than a week for sure.

One last thing…at the telethon Bob and I kept saying that next year we won’t be as free with our time and efforts on behalf of MDA because we will be baby wrangling.  We are suddenly looking at our annual activities and imagining the time forward with child.  It’s kind of nice.

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Yvonne said...

It was our pleasure to participate in the ride. We rode with fifty riders out of our local Harley shop and met up with approximately 300 more riders. Most had two riders so that's ... close to $17,500 for MDA. Yay!