Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cold or Flu?

I have a cold. Or is the the flu? I'm pretty sure it's a cold. It started on Thursday with sinus aches and a husky voice but nothing else until late Friday night. Then the stuffy nose, sore throat, sinus headache, and body aches. It came full on yesterday and today I am just really miserable. I made a run to the pharmacy to get some cold medicine, tissues, juice, and cough drops. I also picked up some candy for Halloween since we haven't done that yet. Anyway, I am glad that the cold came full on over the weekend so I can get maximum rest. I knew I would end up sick one of these days. With work and school going full tilt, I am not getting the rest I need to stay healthy. Usually I can stay off the illness until after finals but in this case it didn't happen that way.

Even in my state of full on mucusness Bob and I were able to get to the travel show at the convention center yesterday. We went to price Alaskan cruises. We ended up finding one and put a deposit on it. We are going in September. We chose September because the fares are cheaper, the scenery spectacular with fall color, and the chance to see Northern Lights are bigger. Plus we figure we will miss the height of tourist season and will have more of the boat to ourselves. Bob is like a little boy. He keeps saying, "We're going to Alaska!". He is very excited. We got a good deal and have until June to pay it off. No problem. We've been saving for nearly 2 years.

The rest of today is slated to be filled with kleenex, coughing, and naps. I hate colds. Or is it the flu?

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