Wednesday, October 03, 2007

TV, School, know, the important stuff

OK we’re only 2 weeks into the new TV season and I’ve already missed 2 shows I caught last week and liked!  Grrrr.  Curses DirecTV for not setting up a more readable menu.  Actually, curses to me for not reading the menu past channel 11 so I missed Reaper last night.

A week from today I shall know if insemination #3 worked.  Although shouldn’t I know by now by signs from my body?  Shouldn’t there have been some bleeding from implantation?  Boob soreness beyond this vague tingling I’ve had going on for 2 days?  Shouldn’t I just know?  Most days I feel as if I am no different and the insemination did not, in fact, work.  Other days I can barely sit still, wiggling with anticipation that will be a plus sign on the pee stick.  Still, disappointment and non-pregnancy is what I know best and what I tend to believe right now.  Why is it so flippin’ easy for most other women to get pregnant and we are doing everything we can here and…nothing!?  Anyway, next Wednesday is the day.

Next Wednesday is also the day I get a cavity filled and it’s the day that the MN legislation comes to my town for a town meeting/discussion on insurance funding for infertility issues.  Wanna bet where I’m going to be Wednesday night next?  Please join me at the Minnetonka community center and bring all your infertile friends.

Tomorrow is the class before our last class in my Research Methods class.  (Could I say class anymore?  Sheesh.)  Next week we get to present our findings.  My group has received almost 200 responses to our survey so far!  (And I got a weird email from someone saying they filled it out but that it SHOULD have been set up like this: and then she proceeded to redo the whole survey.  Um, thanks stranger for your input.  Would you like the grade as well?)  Also, we have a first draft of our paper and I have started the power point for our presentation.  For a class that was giving us all fits and anxiety weeks before it started, it’s not turning out nearly as bad as we feared.

Last week I applied for a job through the online jobs posting my company hosts.  The very next morning I received an automated email from the manager of that job saying essentially, “Thanks, but no thanks, we have other, more worthy candidates in mind”.  Yesterday when I logged onto the job site again, I saw the job still posted.  So I emailed the manager and told her that I am still interested in the position and that the things I’ve been learning at school surely apply to the job listed.  Not only that but the things I do in my job now would serve me well according to the duties she listed in the posting.  I have not heard back from her other than to get an “out of office” return mail.  I guess she’s on vacation until next week.  Do you think I was too pushy in emailing her after already receiving the “thanks but no” last week?


Gael said...

I had no pregnancy signs even after the test came back positive. I kept waiting for nausea to kind of tell me to go take the test,, so I took it anyway. Some people get all kinds of signs, some don't, I guess.

On the job: Can't hurt to send a second note. I wouldn't send a third, obviously, if she gets back and rejects you, but nothing wrong with what you did, in my mind.

Rory Kearn said...

I agree....there is nothing wrong with sending a second email. I've done that before. In the job hunt world, keeping yourself out there and staying in touch, shows them you're interested. Good luck.