Friday, October 12, 2007

Done, Done, Done

I am done with my research methods class!  I’m done!  I’m done!  I’m done!  Can you tell I’m feeling good about this?  I think our presentation turned out OK. I am disappointed with how our final power point presentation turned out but my classmates over-ruled me on several things so it just is what it is.  At that point (read the 11th hour) we just wanted the PP to be as basic and easy as possible because there were 4 of us presenting and we didn’t have time to practice and go over each part of the presentation.  So now it’s done and we get what we get.  The grades have to be turned in by next week so I should know more by then.

I talked to my professor after class about the job I applied for.  He gave me the name of another professor at the college who might give me better advice about what to do next.  I wrote him an email this morning detailing my plan and asking his advice.  I know I have what it takes to be a good radio announcer but technology has changed so much in the past decade I just wonder if a couple of broadcasting classes wouldn’t be good to have.  I know a lot of the techie stuff is easy to learn and is mostly learn as you go anyway; I just wanted to know what would look good to a potential employer after a 9 year absence from the scene.

I have to go to the clinic today to go over “the plan” with my RE and to pick up a new semen analysis kit for the hubby.  I’m sure he will be thrilled with that.  It may be that our problem is with the little swimmers after all.

Tonight I am taking photographs for a big fundraising gala at the Grand Hotel.  I’m wiped out but I promised and I’m actually looking forward to it. I just hope the photos turn out and things go well.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.  I have nothing planned, no homework to complete, and I get to sleep in.  Sounds like paradise.

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Mary said...

Congratulations on finishing Amy! What an accomplishment.