Friday, October 26, 2007

What's the Date Today?

So one class down and three to go.  This class is not going to be quite as difficult as the last one but we had to split into groups for yet another foray into “The Group Project”.  Should I be offended that the two people from my former group immediate got together and grabbed another girl to make up their group?  I am grouped with the two oldest women in the class who have both said at different times that they don’t care about the grade/work anymore they just want to get through this.  Yikes!  Still, our final project is a paper (15-20 pages) and a Power Point presentation (20-30 minutes) due the last night of class (3 weeks from yesterday).  So three more weeks until I don’t have to deal with any of this any more.

Here is a fun little work story.  The interim manager comes to me and asks me to poll my co-workers about their preferences for a nice lunch. See, we are welcoming the new manager and the big boss with a “nice” lunch instead of the usual pizza.  So I poll the group and it seems the majority thinks some kind of Asian fare or even Greek food would be a nice change of pace.  So I bring this information to Miz Interim and she keeps saying lasagna.  I keep saying, “no, Chinese, Thai, or Greek”.  Still, she brings up lasagna.  Then she tells me that Italian it is!  WTF?  So then she assigns me the task of emailing the team and asking if there is any food in the Italian genre that people abhor or might be allergic to.  I do this and get various team members responding to me like, WTF?  I can only say that it seems I was given this task so that there is an appearance of catering to the masses when really there was an agenda all along.

Bob and I are going to go to a travel show this weekend.  We are still saving and planning on an Alaskan cruise and we want to talk to someone in the know about costs and accessibility.  Also, there are government reps there with passport information.  Bob needs a passport and I need to update mine.  Should be interesting.

This morning was a comedy of errors for sure.  I got to bed late last night because of class and then I just tossed and turned until well after 12:30.  My alarm went off this morning but I must have hit the off button because next thing I know it’s 7:05 and I’ve got 25 minutes to get ready/dressed, cats fed, and be at work.  Did I do it?  You betcha.  I was in my seat at 7:31.  I look like something my cats yacked up and the adrenaline didn’t stop pumping until nearly 8.  Still, that is yet another reason I am thankful I live 2 miles from my work.  Once I got to work, I went to get my coffee and breakfast.  I got a lovely piece of quiche and a pumpkin latte.  Upon taking my first sip of latte, I had to take it back because it was, sadly, not a pumpkin latte.  They remade my latte and I went upon my merry way.  Once back at my desk I settled in to take a nice big bite of quiche only to have to spit it into the trash.  It was so salty that it seemed as though someone mistakenly substituted salt for eggs.  It was so bad.  So it was back downstairs to tell the cooks about the salt lick that was the quiche and ask for a replacement breakfast which they gladly replaced.  Is it Friday the 13th?

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