Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Peachy

Three straight days of sunshine, some improved sleep, and a little loving have greatly improved my…state of mind.  I have just been feeling so out of sorts lately.  I have been feeling very fragile and anxious and sad.  I can’t point to a specific thing as the cause but I am assuming that there are multiple causes all bunched up to create the inner turmoil.  However, the shining sun has been helpful in the smallest of ways.

Yesterday was Bob’s birthday.  We are going out to celebrate tonight with friends.  Last night I made a beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, and rolls for dinner.  I also made his requested birthday cake, spice with cream cheese frosting for dessert.  He LOVED the meal but for some reason I was feeling poorly and felt ill so I just had very little to eat before cleaning up and heading for bed.  Tonight we are going to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater for dinner and a show with friends.  It should be fun but we have no idea what to expect since none of us have ever been there.

So things are kind of on the ball again as far as my photography goes.  I got the job with the PR firm on the line AND I just received notice that the ONE photo I submitted for a local fall color photo contest won!  Here’s what winning entails:  As a winner, your photo may be featured in one of our newscasts during the Fall Colors Forecasts, as well as in the Fall Colors Forecast slideshow on our website.  Your name will also be entered into the drawing for the Fall Colors Forecast Grand Prize.  (The grand prize is a stay at a swanky hotel in Duluth.) So no monetary winnings but since all contestants were only able to enter one photo, it’s an honor that mine is amongst the winners.  I have yet to hear from the PR Firm on when their next event is but they did ask for my mailing address so I’m assuming a calendar is on its way.  Next up, business cards.  I’ve decided to call my business: Captivating.  It has personal significant meaning and I think it is the word that describes what draws people to certain photographs and photographers…they are captivating.

Our new manager has been selected and introduced to us.  She is someone from another department in our building and as far as her selection as manager goes, I guess it’s fine. However, apparently our response was underwhelming in its reaction to the news because the interim manager has been questioning everyone ad nauseum about our feelings on the matter.  Finally, in yesterday’s 1:1 with her, I told her we are a little weary of all the changes and wary of them as well.  We have been told one thing only to have actions relay another that we just don’t really care any more. We all tend to be operating on a “wait and see” mode.  I also told her that the morale is horrible and the team is just tired.  She then went on to get defensive about all the changes and things that have happened in the past year.  I interrupted her and told her we know the reasons these things happened but she asked me a question and I answered it and if she doesn’t like the answer, she shouldn’t ask the question.  I told her I was being as honest as I could be but if they want to see changes in our attitudes or responses to the word given from above; they should change how they treat the team.  We just left it at that.  Can you tell that things at work are peachy?  So much so that I’ve begun to apply for jobs outside Big Bank Co, eschewing the vesting in my 401k and current good health benefits.


lap said...

I left you some comments at flikr about the fantastic farm pictures- understand they are all amazing compositions, but I love some extra enough to comment. Also love using that as a name for your photography business, I think it's great and modern and really reflects your eye and sense of composition.

I love the Chanhassen dinner theater, I hope you all have fun tonight!

Mary said...

Sounds like your new manager could use some help with her communications skills. I had a meeting with my manager today. He is currently teaching us "how to communicate" with the people we manage, and yet he constantly interrupted me. I left the meeting feeling that he had not listened to half what I had to say. So frustrating!

I love the name Captivating. Good choice! I wish you lived nearer, I need a good picture of my kids, my mom is driving me crazy about it.