Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This Week is kicking ass and taking names

This week is seriously kicking my ass.  Its only Wednesday and Im exhausted.  When I think that I wont actually get any rest or real sleep until this weekend, I just want to cry.  Here is the run down of my week, bulleted for your easy reading pleasure:

·       Monday work regular hours (7-4) then meet classmates for final presentation strategy session (5-10).  Home to sleep

·       Tuesday Non-regular work day.  Show up at Habitat for Humanity work site at 7:30.  I signed up to be site host so am shown the ropes and given a run-down on how to check people in and make sure they have all signed releases with them.  Work in bone chilling cold and wind until 4, clean up, go home.  Find out at 5:30 that girlfriends are coming over for prayer at 6:30.  Actually fall asleep during prayer time.  Girlfriends leave at 10.  Go to bed.

·       Wednesday Up at 5:30 and out the door by 6:30 for 7am dentist appointment.  Get cavity filled then drive to work with what feels like a fat lip and giant nose. Work a regular day (7:30-4:30) then meet classmates for final go-over of final presentation.  We expect to be working on this until 11pm tonight.

·       Thursday Normal work day (7-4) then class where we will present our final presentations (thank God!).  Im hoping class lets out early so I can be in bed before 10, but Im not holding my breath.

·       Friday Normal work-day (7-4).  I have an office visit with my RE to discuss the plan for my next cycle.  After work I have to be at the Grand Hotel by 5 in order to take pictures for the Gala Fundraiser my friend is throwing.  Normally I would be very excited about this opportunity but right now I wish it was another time just so I could go home and sleep straight through to Monday.

Does it even need to be said?  I believe it doesI am so tired!  At lunch I went to use the restroom and caught myself drifting off to sleep right there on the throne. 

It seems that my RE wants to do another semen analysis as part of the plan.  Even though I was told last months sample was the best one yet, it would seem that it was not really all that great after all.  Also, I was alerted that she would want to talk to me about my weight.  Yay.  Looking forward to that office visit.  Yes sir boberee. (This is how my youngest nephew used to say yessirreebob.)

Yesterdays HfH job was fun.  It was freezing but fun.  I dressed for the weather though.  I wore a turtleneck shirt, a long-sleeved shirt over that, a sweatshirt over that, and my coat over that.  I wore my fleece socks, a stocking cap, and gloves.  I ended up being fairly comfortable in that.  A lot of people didnt dress for the weather and ended up chilled.  The place we worked on was a 4-family townhome.  The windows werent in yet so there was a lot of cold air blowing around.  The winds were exceptionally high yesterday so that added to the cold factor.  All in all, it was a good day in that it didnt rain and we got a lot of work done.

Upon checking my school email this morning I found the internets had been busy yesterday.  Turns out my professor from my research methods class has changed the grading at the last minute and he WILL be grading each of us individually on the content of our final paper.  This isnt good news for my group since we divided tasks differently.  Instead of having all four of us working on each thing and getting four different perspectives, we each took a task upon ourselves.  For our final there needs to be 1.) A final research paper, 2.) A final research presentation complete with power point slide show, and 3.) A brochure of our findings.  One of my classmates took writing the paper as her task.  Another took the brochure as hers, I took the Power Point, and the lone man in our group took on the task of converting all our stats into charts and graphs.  After a flurry of emails between my classmates and my professor, it was determined that his change of heart is not going to affect our group much at all and is in fact something that needed to be done because of problems the other group has had.  This should be interesting.  Again, I cant wait until this class is over.  After tomorrow, only 5 weeks until Im DONE!

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Yvonne said...

Wow! I hope you can spend Saturday and Sunday catching up on sleep! Good luck with the presentation and the doctor's appointment.