Friday, October 05, 2007


I am so tired today.  Last night’s class ran late meaning I didn’t get home until 11pm.  I am never able to just come home that late and go right to bed so I puttered around and finally got to bed a little after midnight.  Around 1am I thought I heard thunder rumbling around in my dreams but didn’t wake up enough to really notice.  That is until a gigantic explosion of thunder rattled our place between 2 and 2:30.  It was so loud I jumped out of bed screaming, “BOB!”.  He calmed me and assured me all was well, that it was just thunder and to go back to sleep.  Alas, sleep was not to be had. Just then our building’s fire alarm went off.  We were afraid the building got hit by lightning so we got up, got dressed, wrangled 4 freaked out scaredy cats into 3 carriers and went down to our underground garage.  (What?  It was pouring rain, pitch black, and the sidewalks were rivers of flowing rainwater.  We figured if we were truly in danger, the fire department would arrive and tell us to move.) We were able to do this in less that 15 minutes.  The firemen that come from just barely 3 blocks away took nearly 25 minutes to arrive.  Nice.  No fire of course, but we didn’t get back to bed until after 3:30 and it was still thundering.  It seemed like every time I’d juuuussst ease off to sleep, more thunder would wake me up.  I had to get up at 5:30 and let me tell you, I’ve never wanted to play hooky from work more so than today.  I’m so glad tomorrow is Saturday.  I feel like a zombie except it’s not braaiiiinnnnsss I’m after, it’s sllllleeeeeeepppppp!

Before class yesterday I had to swing by the radio station to pick up the tickets I won to the Chanhassen dinner theater.  It turns out I didn’t win 6 tickets to a specific show, I won 3 general pair of tickets to use for any performance (except Friday nights or holidays).  So I think we will use 2 pair for the Wonderbread Years show for Bob’s birthday outing this month and use the other pair for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat in December for my birthday outing.  I love live theater. 

So this is push week for me and my classmates.  We have a week to tabulate the results of our survey, correctly interpret them, write them into a paper AND power point presentation, and present the findings to our class in 30 minutes or more.  Yeah, that’s going to be easy.  My team is meeting Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.  Speaking of which, I need to line up a room at the school library.  I can’t wait until this is over. The next 6 days will be spent eating, sleeping, and breathing Research Methods.

Speaking of over, the day following our final presentation, I am going to be the official photographer for an event at the Grand Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.  If they turn out, my photos will be used for publication in 2 or 3 different local rags.  Not a bad gig, huh?  I’m hoping it will go well and lead to other bigger and better photography jobs.

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