Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Playful Pup
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Guess who came home! That's right, Honor is home to stay and Bob is over the moon! She is a funny, playful, good girl. She loves to play fetch and tug of war. The cats are scared spitless and have yet to come out to eat. Once Honor is in her kennel, the cats will come out and have the run of the place again. Poor babies.

Honor has already helped out Bob by picking up the mail he dropped, the keys he dropped, and the medicine he dropped. Bob is not having to bend or stoop anymore and that gives me relief.

Honor is a smart, smart dog. She is so smart, she needs to keep active and in training. If she gets bored, she could get...um, creative. And we certainly don't need a creative German Shepherd on our hands. Hee.

Have I mentioned one of my pet peeves here? I know I've mentioned it to several of my friends...several times. But tell me, why do people bring their dogs to PetCo if they don't want people to stop and pet them? If you don't want your dog to attract attention, don't bring it to a public place. Even worse, if you have to put a muzzle on your dog and warn people about their tendency to snap, you might also want to consider leaving Rover at home. Come on people, this isn't rocket science!

Oh! And when the elevator stops on your floor, you might want to pause just a moment to see if anyone is exiting. Exiting people have the right of way in elevator world. This is how I almost wore an entire tray of McDonald's beverages. If I hadn't been so quick to duck and cover, homeboy would have had some explaining to do and his officemates would not have had their Mickey D's drinks. Two seconds, that's all I ask. Pause. Is anyone leaving the elevator? No? Fine, then go ahead. Sheesh!


B.E.C.K. said...

Hooray on getting the dog home at last. She's absolutely beautiful! And I'm with ya on the PetCo thing. If someone's dog isn't ready for prime time, they shouldu leave it in the car...or at home. PetCo is definitely a place to socialize with other dog owners and their dogs while you shop.

Anonymous said...

Along with that pet peeve about bringing pets (not service dogs because that's different)...how about fairs, farmer's markets and anywhere else where there will be a crowd of people. One is not looking below the knee for an opportunity to trip...and there's always that wet nose in the most obnoxious places! Pets can be a wonderful part of the family but I don't think these places are appropriate for the animals!!!!