Friday, March 31, 2006

Goodbye Pickup Goodbye Honor

Pickup Front Passenger
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We sold Bob's truck tonight. I placed an ad on on Tuesday. It was well worth the $30.00 the ad cost. 56 people viewed the ad and this guy called Bob today, test drove it tonight and bought it. He wanted it for his window cleaning business. We didn't get what we asked, but close. We're happy. We have enough to pay off Bob's truck and pay off some bills.

What we're not so happy with is Minnesota Hearing and Service Dogs. Bob met with them yesterday. They told Bob they could take Honor home but he asked for the weekend to think about it. We don't think it is fair that they just came in and took Honor. We feel they should have said something along the lines of, "We don't know exactally what happened and until we can meet with you to sort it all out, we need to take Honor." Or something similar. Also, they had a list of things they were unhappy about and created a list of conditions in which Bob could take Honor home. Bob feels it is too restrictive and he doesn't feel as though he can live with the fear this situation has created. He doesn't feel like he can meet their new requirements and fears they would just come in and take her again after his next mistake. So, Bob made the decision to give her back and stop working with them at this time. He really struggled with this decision but feels peace about it now. It was hard, but I agree. What we would like to do is buy a house and get a puppy we can train ourselves. That way we can train it from the beginning to help Bob and not have to live under the fear of losing the dog. One of the good things that has come out of this is that Bob now wears his seatbelt all the time. Poor Bob and poor Honor. But it's for the best. Plus, Bob starts school next week and won't have as much time for obedience training, so it's had all actually come at an OK time. We are sad and will miss Honor, but we will not be without a dog forever. We don't know what will happen with Honor, but we hope for only good things for her.

Tomorrow is the MDA Black and Blue Ball at the St. Paul River Center. I can't wait. This is a huge fundraiser that is held in conjunction with Harley Davidson and attendees run the gammut from bikers to debutantes all wearing the gammut from blue jeans to ball gowns. It's going to be a hoot. Tomorrow is also the day Bob gives his sample. My period is due Sunday so my tests will be next week. We are closer to having some answers.

Sunday we are on the church alter team and plan on going to lunch with some friends. I am thankful for a low key weekend. It's been a rough week and I am looking for a restful weekend.

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B.E.C.K. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bob's fall and Honor's departure. I, too, find it shocking that the HSD people would respond so abruptly, and I think you both are handling it amazingly well. It's hard to know how to get from A to B on a path that seems unknowable at times, but I'm struck by your grace in navigating the foggiest parts of the journey, and I believe you will find what you need, one step at a time. *hugs*