Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More On the Way

Playing in the Snow
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So, dogs? Are totally high maintence! Honor is just not content enough to be ignored like the cats. No! She wants attention and she wants you to play with her. She wants you to throw her squeeky snowman 467 times, over and over and over again. And she never gets bored. But she is so cute and so funny. She jumps on it and gets the squeeker positioned just right so that she can squeek it 53 times in a row, holding it just out of my reach so I have to keep following her with it. And oh the snow! She loves to play in the snow. And jump! And burrow! And dig! And snuffle! Oh snow, glorious snow! It is a delightful plaything for the big black beasty. She looks as though she has the worst case of dandruff when she finally emerges from the tunnels she digs. Silly puppy.

Bob was kind of disheartened today. He and Honor met their trainer at the Mall today and she said she would test them and if they passed, the passed. If they didn't, she would just chalk it up to a preliminary/practice test. They didn't pass. All because Honor didn't stay in a lay/down position when a child came to pet her. Honor loves little girls and wants to meet them at face level and kiss them. So, they will have to practice and retest in the next couple of weeks. Honor gets better and better at focusing and obeying. I have no doubt they will eventually pass.

Even the cats are getting used to her now. Both cats are out of hiding but are still keeping their distance. They both still hiss when she approaches. They like it that Honor spends the night in her kennel though.

So, they are saying more snow overnight and all day tomorrow. We could get another 4-7 inches in the next 24 hours. They say March is the snowiest month. It's tournament time and always seems to storm over the weekends. We are expecting even more snow Sunday night into Monday...once again.

Tomorrow is my very first ever RE (Reproductive Endocronologist) appointment. Not sure what to expect. Bob was supposed to go to his reproductive specialist on Monday but convienently forgot to set up a ride. So, once again, he missed that appointment. I think I will talk with my RE and see if he can get in over there. Maybe we can obtain a sample at home and run it there since they are so much closer than his RS. Anyway, tomorrow is just the beginning, I am sure.

Dang it, Lost is a rerun again. And a rerun from season one! Dang nab it! Whose bright scheduling idea was that?


Anonymous said...

Cute musings about your dog. how old is she? What happens if she doesn't pass the test?

Lut C. said...

Big day tomorrow! I hope you get on with your doctor, that's very important.