Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Story of the Van

Bob driving Into the Van
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I took Thursday off work so I could go with Bob to get the van. We had to be there by 8 and had to drive a popular local highway to get there during rush hour traffic. So we got up earlier than I normally get up for work. A day off and I don't even get to sleep in.

We left the apartment at 7. We drove Bob's truck to the van place. We had Honor with us and it was a tight squeeze in the two seater pickup. About 10 minutes into the drive Bob realized he left some important paperwork at home. Arg! This was the only thing he had to remember AND I reminded him to grab it before we left. I was very frustrated by this but held my tongue because lashing out at him might make me feel better in the short run, but it would definitely make him feel worse.

We got to the apartment and I ran in to get the paperwork. Just as we turned around to leave, Bob's sister called to ask us where we were and when we would arrive. We were now 30 minutes behind schedule and I was even more frustrated. Despite being late and driving during the peak of morning rush hour, we did make good time and arrived at the van place at 8 on the dot. I dropped Bob off and went to get us some breakfast.

When I got back with the food, Bob was in the garage going over the modifications they were going to add. Originally, we thought they would modify the van so Bob could drive from his chair. That turned out not to be such a good plan. His chair sits very high and he would have to bend his head to drive. Also, he has a foot pad on the chair that would have to be modified when he drove. So they discussed the options and came up with a plan that works really well. They put a seat in the driver's area that rolls all the way back to the section where Bob parks his chair. All he has to do is transfer from his chair to the driver's seat. It works out really well.

Once they started the modification, we just had to sit in the waiting room, wait. We did get to meet some nice people who were also waiting for their van.

Once it was done, we signed all the paperwork, the modification bill was paid and we were off. It was awesome. Bob was so excited. It is the fanciest car we have ever owned. It has a CD player and a tape player. The radio tells you what song is playing and who sings it. It has dual climate control, power windows, and locks. It is awesome. Bob was like a kid in a candy store while driving it. Of course it was snowing, so he had to be careful.

The first stop we made was to our church to show the pastors the van. They were super excited for us. Bob had to show them the ramp and how he transfered from his chair to the driver's seat and all the bells and whistles.

The next day he said he wanted to go somewhere and asked me where he could go. I said, "anywhere you want, baby."

He is so happy.

We ran errands yesterday. Normal, everyday errands. It was the best time out and about. We also stopped at the nursing home to visit Bob's friend Jim. He hasn't been able to do that unless I've been with him. Of coures, this time I was still with him, but while he visited, I went through all the stuff we took out of his pickup truck. I put everything away and tossed some stuff. There are a lot of storage places in this van too. There are two glove boxes, and some cubbies. The hardest thing for Bob will be to find which place holds what.

Today we went to church. I made thank you signs and banners to tape to the van. Once we got there, we taped the banners and left the ramp down and door open so people coming out of first service and entering second service could have a look. We brought thank you notes to everyone we knew had donated money to the van fund. Everyone was very happy for us and seemed excited. Bob had fun showing everyone how the ramp and transfer seat worked. We left feeling so very loved and cared for.

This is the best gift anyone has ever given us. Bob and I are humbled and honored to be the recipients of such an amazing gift. Thanks to all for their help.

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mom-on-roof said...

Very heartwarming to see good things happen to good people, thanks for sharing that!