Saturday, March 18, 2006


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Today was good. It was sunny but not very warm. The day started with a mile long walk with Honor. She is such a good dog. And she is very funny. She LOVES the snow. She dives in it. She slides her whole body through the snowbank and comes up looking like a bad case of dandruff. We walked until I got cold and then came back. She LOVED it. Once we got home, I watched TV and she laid on the floor beneath me sleeping.

Once Bob got up we decided to take Honor on an outing. We need to get a cheap phone for her to be able to fetch if Bob is in trouble. We packed up the dog, Bob's push chair, and some water and took off for Target. Once inside, things went well. People stared at Bob and Honor, but for the most part people left us alone and seemed to be OK with us there. We found a $10 portable phone that Honor can fetch, as well as some other stuff. I tell ya, I cannot enter that store without coming out with 5 things that weren't on my list.

Once done there, we grabbed some lunch at Culvers and went home. The rest of the day was spent just hanging out watching TV and playing fetch with the doggie. The cats are coming around. Daisy is braver and doesn't let Honor's presence change her routine. She walks boldly through a room even if Honor is in it. She lays on the couch with Honor laying on the floor below her. Maisey, on the other hand, will not come out if Honor is out of her kennel. She spends most of her day on top of the fridge. Oh, she's super brave when Honor is in the kennel, but the very definition of a scaredy cat when Honor is loose. Funny girl.

Bob and I talked about how great it is that things seem to be coming together for us right now. Honor is really doing well, we get the van on Thursday, and we are getting things in line for growing our family. So far, 2005 is shaping up to be a pretty good year.

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